Switching to omnipod in a couple days from Tresiba looking for some tips on basals

Hi all,

I am switching from Tresiba to Omnipod in a couple days. Meeting with my endo and wanted to get ahead of the dosing.

If I am taking 16 Units of Tresiba do you merely divide my 24 and reduce by 20% to get your basals?
I am assuming you start with one basal before you make schedule?

Before Tresiba I was on Lantus 22-24 units. Does anyone have a conversion chart the doctor uses?

Would I be better using my Lantus or Tresiba dosing?

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This is a conservative and safe starting point. You will make many adjustments to find a reliable and repeatable basal profile. Be aware that you will not be arriving at the perfect basal profile and dose for you. Once you get into the right glucose “neighborhood” then you’ll be able to make smaller nudges with insulin and glucose to guide your glucose levels. Things change – it’s the nature of any glucose metabolism, including one with diabetes.

Keep notes, check your blood glucose often, try to eat some consistent meals. Repeating meals is helpful.

Will you be using a continuous glucose monitor? They are a big help when setting up a new regimen like you’re doing.


@Terry4 has great advise; keep records and adjust as you go.

I have five basal rates set up in my PDM (Omnipod Personal Diabetes Manager) which help to keep my basal rate flat throughout the 24 hour day. You’ll have a lot more to setup, such as your insulin to carb ratio (which can vary throughout the day), insulin duration, … your endo or Omnipod trainer will help you set all of this up, using your past glucose/insulin history.

One great resource, in addition to TuDiabetes, is Pumping Insulin by John Walsh.


My son started pumping with OmniPod about 11 years ago. I’m pretty sure his basal started as you suggest. His current basal program is also pretty flat at the moment.

When he first started pumping, we had to make a lot of adjustments to his basal program. I suspect growth played a big part in this need - he required much more insulin leading up to bedtime and shortly after going to bed, for example. He was four, though, so everything was much more precarious by comparison to what his needs are now.

Good luck! Report back and let us know how it goes!!


I just switched to an omnipod a couple weeks ago from mdf. Right now I have two profiles 0.50 from 12am to 6am and 0.65 throughout the rest of the day.

I am noticing a jump of about 80 points from 2am to 5am. Assuming this is dawn phenomenon.

If my ISF is 40 do I adjust a block between 12-3am to be equal to 2 whole units to counteract the DP?

I also tend to spike 40 points upon waking up. Any suggestions around this? It has been frustrating trying to basal test as I seem to get different results depending where the pod is.

Are adjustments usually recommended in .10 increments? I am on a dexcom which helps.