Symlin not working?

Hi guys! well i just joined tu diabtes searching for answers about the drug symlin and wondering if anyone is experiencing or experienced something similar. I started symlin two weeks ago i actually asked my endo for it when i heard of it's weight loss potential. After not experiencing any side effects i quickly went up to 60mcg which i was told it was as high as i can go being a type1 diabetic the problem is that i still havent experienced the "full" feeling which i was told i would experienced at one point or another. I feel nothing no, no side effects at all. Yesterday i went up to 75mcg on my own but im scared to go any higher than that. Still nothing on 75mcg. Can anyone help me or give me some advice of what i should do. I have in the past tried diet and exercise in the past and the most weight loss i ever had was maybe 5lb over two months. All your comments will be greatly appreciated.

I think it's a very individual thing. If you go on the Symlin group board you will hear everything from people who have had both tremendous weight loss success with it and lowered insulin use (and blood sugar spikes; some who had one but not the other, some who couldn't tolerate it due to side effects and some who had no good results.

I'll tell you my experience. I tried it for a few months. On my own I worked up to 120 mcg because my research told me there was no real reason for a type 1 to limit to 60. I had no side effects at all (minor nausea in the very beginning). I was able to cut my insulin use about 1/2 (I can't remember exactly) and my blood sugar was more stable. But that wasn't why I took it; I took it because I had started to gain a little weight and wanted to stop that and lose a little. I did find I was able to eat less. I thought between that and the reduced insulin use I'd definitely lose weight. I didn't lose a pound. In fairness I'm in my 60s and it's very hard for me to lose even though I'm type 1 and don't have any IR. So for me, I considered it a good experiment but not useful and stopped.

I think it's hard to get the right dose combined with the right timing of insulin (which changes) and the right reduction of insulin use. But in time you can do that and see if it works for you. If you haven't already, do check out the Symlin group as there is a lot of experienced people on there. It seems to work differently for everyone. Good luck.

Ty for ur advice I’ve done pretty much evthing uve said already…goin to talk to my dr in the am. how do I get to tht simalin board/group thing curious to see what ppl say

im going to check out the boards as well as keep working my way up 120mcg i know my endo will be surprised at what dose im on but i have to do what works for me. Thanks for the advice

Hi. I just started similan also. I am having some odd bg spikes out of nowhere so I need to fig out what’s goin on w tht first. so I stopped the similan for now. I got naucious on it n racy heart beats but it wasn’t bad. I did feel xtra full while I ate. I was only taking 15 units tho. I recently developed a bad thyrpid prob as well. hitchimotos so I have put on about ten lbs n I eat like a bird :frowning: I was looking fwd to starting this. I’m surprised u don’t have any side effects w tht dosage. have u had any lows? let me know if u find it starts to work for u. I am not starting it again until I get this abnormal spiking issue under raps. Hope it works for u :wink: good luck.

You will need to get your Hashimoto's under control, because hypothyroidism can definitely cause weight gain.

It actually is listed to the right at the moment because it's active, so just click on it. If it's not still there, then click on groups on top and look for that one.

Yes…I’ve nvr struggled until I got hitchimotos. sluggish. headaches…n loosing hair too. unfortunatly until the antibodies basically wipe out my thyroid…I cnt go on meds until then. tht cld b a while. my last sono it looked like an english muffin. :frowning: my dr said its a mix the fluctuates from hyper to hypo. so the meds won’t work rt. once its destroyed I can go on meds n it wil regulate it. thts y I was happy about the similan. thought I cld kill 2 birds w one stone. gota tackle these spikes first. did u personally take it?

Yes, I did take Symlin as I explained above. I've personally never heard of a person with thyroid illness that was not put on meds, though obviously I'm not a doctor, and your situation may be different. But if you are hypothyroid it really doesn't matter what you do, you will not lose weight until your thyroid is stabilized. If you are not seeing an endo for your thyroid, you really should. Your regular doctor is not as qualified to deal with thyroid disease as an endo would be, especially if your situation is unusual.

I just read ur post above. yes my endo was the one tht diagnosed me w hitchimotos. he said if I go on meds now I am currantly hypo…but once the meds kick on…I cld switch to hyper…I kinda wish I just one one or the other to start meds now. its fustrating. my friend actually has hitchimotos as well n her endo said the same thing. its weird to me tht my antibodies fight my pancreus and thyroid now. excersize def helps me. if I didn’t id prob gain more. I’m about ten lbs over weight. its not a crazy amount but I’ve always stayd consistant. sucks :frowning: I’m also stil learning so much about diabetes…it doesn’t run in my family n I got it at 32. they say I produce no insulin. do u work out? if so…what do u do when ur bg is around 100 but u wanna do cardio. I dnt wanna take carbs before I work out

I don't do any formal exercise, but lots of people on here do, so you can post and ask questions.

It is very common for people that have one autoimmune condition to have another, like diabetes and thyroid. I myself had thyroid first. It's also takes awhile to stabilize thyroid and determine the right dosage of meds. It's normal to go to far in the other direction and then change the dose to get it in the normal range. I really don't understand why your doctor doesn't start you on thyroid meds! But yes, again, if you are hypothyroid you will have a lot of trouble losing weight and/or gain weight and you need to stabilize your thyroid levels before you worry about anything else to lose weight.

I have written on here earlier. I have been using symlin for a year now. I started low and went up the the 60 mcg over a longer period of time (6 months). I felt nauseated enough to cut down on snacks and lost about 5 lbs. I am not overweight but was happy to easily lose weight. I cut down on the insulin to fight the lows etc, just like they tell you. But about January it stopped having any effect, I had to increase the insulin and basal rates back to my old amount. I then tried the 120 mcg but didn't want to feel sickish. Like you say there is no choice to use 90 mcg. I guessed at it a bit. Now I am back to the 60 and not sure what to do. I still feel like it is helping some but not like it did in the beginning. There are some who really like it but not many. It would be nice if it were added to the insulin. An extra injection is sometimes not worth it.

@elbs I know this thread is from '12 but I am having the same issues you had with Symlin not being effective.

For some background, I titrated from 15mcg to 60mcg in four consecutive meals with none of the usual effects (fullness, nausea, insulin responsiveness)

Any ideas why?