Symlin and Metformin for Type!

Hi, I am just researching Symlin and I think will discuss with doc soon. I am 30+ year Type 1 Diabetic currently using Novolog via pump and 2000mg Metformin. What is the normal protocol when starting Symlin. Do people stop the Metformin before starting Symlin or are they used together. Any experiences by others would be great to hear about.

I have been using Symlin for 4 months having great results. Just seen my medical team today and my A1C was down 6.7 from 8.7. I also have lost 30 pounds. I was not started on Metformin at all. I am taking the symlin at lunch and at my evening meal only and am now taking a dose of .60 for each injection. I had only experienced the nausea on two occasions. My issue of late is glucose spikes about 2 hours after meals - these are being resolved with changes to insulin to carb rates. It appears these spikes are due to slow digestion of the food. I dual wave my meal boluses. I have nothing but good things to share about the medication and the results I have gained with it. I have been a type 1 for 28 years. The “fullness feeling” I now feel is something I have not had for a long, long time. I also wear a pump using Novolog. I have been using a pump for over 12 years.

Metformin is not indicated to Type 1 .Some people use it especially in Europe but that is off label.
The goldstandar treatment for Type 1 is Symlin and insulin. Preferably insulin with pump AND a GMS

I visited my endo yesterday and he is putting me on Symlin. Currently my TDD is 110 units a day along with 2000mg of metformin/day. I am not overweight and was diagnosed when I was 15; now 23. My endo said the metformin and symlin go along together nicely and he suspects my TDD will go down significantly. Time will tell, I pick up my script tomorrow and I will post back.

I know Im bumping an old topic...but better to reply here than start a new thread :) I just saw my endo (first endo visit in a long time) after my AIC's slowing creeping up over the last 18 months. In the end, she put me on a low dose of Symlin (15mcg to start then up to 30mcg) and a low dose of metformin. Im about 20 lbs overweight that I cant get rid of, and eat fairly low carb (under 100g/day, usually under 70g/day). My endo labled me as a type 1.5 as Ive gained weight over the last decade and have grown somewhat insulin resistant.

So to answer the OP, yes, Im on both now. I also use an Omnipod, no CGMS.