Symlin for exercise?

At the end of aerobic exercise, the (non-diabetic) body releases insulin, amlyn, and glycogen.
So, why aren’t we taking symlin at the end of exercise as well as the beginning of a meal?
According to R.R. Kraemer, E.O. Acevedo, L.B. Synovitz, R.J. Durand, L.G. Johnson, E. Petrella, M.S. Fineman, T. Gimpel, and V.D. Castracane. Glucoregulatory Endocrine Responses to Intermittent Exercise of Different Intensities: Plasma Changes in a Pancreatic B-Cell Peptide, Amylin
Metabolism, Vol 51, No 5 (May), 2002: pp 657-663

Amlyn goes up quite a bit, more than glucose or glycogen (at lower exercise levels).
Since I’ve started taking symlin, I no longer have the huge post-exercise spikes, I’m guessing I have enough basal Symlin in my system to help even not associated with a meal, or that my liver glycogen release has been modified. Whatever… still seems like 15 mcg of symlin at the end of exercise would continue to mimic amlyn’s activity.

Makes perfect sense… I’ve noticed lately after a workout, even if my BG was stable throughout, I will skyrocket over the hour or so following.

If anyone is interested, I sort of tried this - I tried 15 ug (I usually take 45 for a meal) - and boy was I sick! But, 15 ug results in more nausea than 45 for me, don’t know why. Add 15 ug to a hard workout (50 min of weight lifting to failure) and I did not like the stomach cramps at all.
I will probably try it again after a long aerobic workout - more than 2 hr of a hard workout and my BG rise steadily afterwords, so 15-30 ug of Symlin might do the trick (or I might kill myself, but that’s neither here nor there!).

This is a really good question! I just started taking Symlin 2 weeks ago and was up to 120 mg/meal by day 3 (I’m insulin resistant Type I so I’m thinking I might be amylin resistant too?) and only get nausea in the mornings – but I love that I’m not obsessed with food all the time now!!

I was reading the article that you reference and it says “exercise stimulates amylin secretion in well-trained individuals…” so I was thinking it might work to take Symlin either right before exercise or about 10 minutes after starting?? I still get post-exercise spikes and am guessing it is from a non-regulated glucagon response. I do wait about 2 hours after eating to go exercise because I don’t want to crash while the Symlin is still working and the insulin from my meal is peaking, and am thinking that another shot of Symlin right after starting to exercise might regulate the glucagon response and remain active through the recovery period (assuming Symlin has a 2-hour life and assuming a 1-hour workout session) without making you crash because it’s just working with your basal rate (assuming you’re on a pump).

Anyway, I was just wondering if you had any further comments about doing this or if anyone else has experimented with Symlin and exercise and timing and all that good stuff!

I need to try it again some more. One thing that is definitely true with Symlin is that it takes a month or more for it to settle down. It has no obvious effect on me anymore, but my A1c has dropped from 7.1 to 5.8 in 3 months of using it and I feel great!
I have not been using it for exercise, but, I think using it for 1 or 2 meals/day has even affected post exercise trouble I used to have. Everything is just more balanced now, extreme highs which I used to have for no obvious reason are all but gone.