Symlin for HARD exercise

Awhile ago I posted a question about using Symlin to stop highs after exercise
i tried it for weight lifting and jogging and long bike rides, it did nothing but make me a little sick.
I’ve recently started Crossfit. In Crossfit, you work 100% for as little as 20 minutes and that’s it. It’s amazingly tough to do. Here’s a link to my local CF community

…and the result was uncontrollable high BG for 12 hr after a workout! It was awful. So, I tried the symlin again - 30 mg of Symlin after a 20 min Crossfit workout and my BG were 84 or less over the next 12 hr. In fact, they were too low, but without Symlin my BG run >>>200 no mater how much insulin I would take. I usually take ~55 u/day, if I’d do Crossfit I’d take 85 u for that day and still be 200+.
So, Symlin has a strong affect for me anyway -but only after a short high intensity workout. I’m going to keep taking it, but I may try 15 units. I could also turn my pump off, but I do want my muscles to have energy to rebuild, so I’m thinking I don’t want to completely block the liver from releasing glucose.

Interesting dilemma. I did find that, when I was taking it, I could take the minimum with better effect than higher doses. I don’t workout to the intensity you are talking about, but I have exercise basal settings (depending on the exercise) 30% - 50%, which I begin right when I start and extend 1 to 2 hours after. I have a theory (and could be totally wrong) that exercise creates a kind of Somogyi Phenomenon (“hypoglycemia induced by insulin could cause a counterregulatory hormone response that produces hyperglycemia”) - so less insulin works for me. Hope you find the right solution.