Symlin & exercise

Hi everyone,
This may have been discussed elsewhere, but I was wondering what experiences people may have had with Symlin. If you use Symlin, how much & how frequently do you use it? How has it changed your BGs during exercise?

I have found that I am dropping a lot more during exercise, even when I exercise first thing in the morning (>9 hours after last Symlin injection). I am having to reduce my basal to 50% or more when, beforehand, I didn’t have to reduce basals much if at all.

I am up to 7.5 units Symlin, at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hi Anne,

I tried Symlin a couple years ago. I was on it for about a month, with bad results. It really did wonders for reducing my appetite and stabilizing my BS, but the number of hypo episode I experienced really jumped. I would get multiple hypos a day, and when I exercised ( I do so sporadically), I would REALLY have trouble keeping my BS in line. The worst parts for me were that (1) I couldn’t really feel the hypos coming on, (2) they hit me a lot harder than a “regular” hypo, and (3) it took me longer to get my BS back up to the normal range. I remember times sitting on my couch, sweating out every pore in my body, shaking as if it was the middle of winter and I was freezing, and sobbing because I couldn’t keep it under control.

So I gave up on symlin.

I’ve since gone on the pump and am getting BS control. If only I could keep that appetite at bay…

Cheers, Mike

Thanks Mike. Your experience with Symlin mirrors the one I had when first trying it. A few bad lows on Symlin made me fear lows in a way I never had before, and I seriously felt a little traumatized by the whole ordeal. But, I have had some better success with Symlin lately; I do think it would be much more difficult to manage exercise with Symlin and without a pump. It has been working pretty well for me to lower my basal rates an hour or 2 before exercise (which does take a little forethought), which is hard to simulate on injections.

I have found that the appetite suppressant effects have gradually worn off. I don’t know how typical this is. BUT my body does seem to be much more responsive to insulin, which is generally helpful. It has changed the dynamics significantly. I wrote up my recent experiences on my blog at