Hello All - I have a question on Symlin & Lantus. I’ve slowly worked up to 120mcg Symlin and 15 units Lantus and though I do have a tad nausea and have only been at 120mcg Symlin since yesterday (I worked up from 15mcg over a 2 week period) I do have a satisfied feeling that I am full but nice full, no longer feeling hungry, lost a few pounds already but the blood sugars haven’t come down all that well, I still have to take 4-5 units Novolog with the Symlin. Does Symlin not work sometimes? I have asked Endo if I were on Levemir maybe Symlin would work or do I need to give this some more time at 120mcg Symlin. Thank you, sueDelete Comment

Hi SueC,

You might want to check out Jason’s three part part blog about Symlin It’s towards the bottom of his page. There’s also a Symlin Forum on Tu D.

I’m also on Symlin and Lantus thoug I don’t take as much Symlin. I haven’t decreased the amount I bolus either, just delay by 1/2 to hour (depending on what carbs I’m eating.
I think with Symlin and MDI it’s tricky on getting the timing right. If I bolus too soon, I end up low, correcting w/ glucose tabs and end up having to inject more if I want to eat my entire meal. If I wait too long then it the numbers shoot up and can be hard to bring down.
Since starting, I have decreased my overall basal rates, but not sure if that’s from symlin or from a change in my exercise regime or some combo. I’ve also experienced less dramatic swings and more so the more regularly timed my meals are.
Personally I think that lantus doesn’t really release at a constant rate (as you would get with a pump) which can also make it harder to pin things down with symlin.

Thank You, I will be changing to Levemir a new long acting insulin soon I’m not on a pump and have been T1 since 1972 but am hoping maybe it’s the Lantus, so trying Levemir may be helpful will find out.

You’re welcome and let me know how it works out.