Symlin for type 1

Hi guys!

Anybody using Symlin? Is it worth trying? Thanks in advance.

I used it many years ago, it did not do much for or too me. No harm n trying, but do watch the lows.

Got you, thanks!

I tried it was some positive results but it did require a lot of timing and planning. I did not mind the additional shot. However, I got the same improvement with doing a better job of pre-bolusing and decided that was easier and less expensive. I did not notice any weight loss. I am now using CGM for further improvement…used the earlier Medtronic which I hated because of trouble calibrating and all the alarms, loved the Dexcom G5, and am now waiting on the new Medtronic semi-closed loop system…but still miss the Dexcom!

Good Luck, Mel

I say it’s always worth trying if it can help with your treatment plan. My thinking if it will help make your life easier and help you reach your goals, give it a try.
Some people have great success with and some don’t but that is the way of diabetes. What works for me might not work for you!
That being said, I also tried it. Trying to fight those post meal spikes and a little weight loss would have been nice. I had major problems with that immediate low which I had to treat and than I had the high. It was a lot more work than I wanted or needed. But I gave it the old college try and with the help of doctor and CDE we gave it our best shot. I did find something else that worked but it is trial and error with many treatment plans.
Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes. I always love hearing someone having success with a new plan!

Echoing what was said earlier, I am convinced that learning to prebolus has had greater impact than anything else I have done.

It helped me a lot for suppressing the constant feeling of hunger on insulin however it made me go low and suppressed my appetite so much that I did t feel like eating after I bolused.

Thanks guys! Still trying to figure out the right timing to make it work!