Symptoms of low sugar levels without low results

In the last month or so, I have had a couple instances where I have had the symptoms of low blood sugar (shakiness, etc) but when I tested my sugar levels, I wasn’t low at all. The first time it happened, my levels were very high (300-325) which really threw me off, but this last time they were near perfect (100-125). I’ve tried researching this but all I can find is it being linked to pre-diabetes which simply couldn’t be considering I’ve been living with this for 14 years. Has anyone with T1 experienced this before? It’s rather annoying.

This exact thing just happened to me this afternoon. I was shaky and it was hard to focus. symtoms I’m used to feeling when I’m having a low, yet when I tested I was at 190. I was very confused to what was going on. You’re correct it’s very annoying.

I am not type1 but this has happend to me, my nurse explained it as… when your numbers run a little high… even for a day…when it finally goes down to normal it feels like a hypo.(or the start of one) best to just try and bring it down slow as possible.( for instance… if i am running on high for a few days i will skip the gym but go for a walk instead) when my levels are normal…( if there is such a thing!) i resume my regular workouts and eating habits.

sometimes I feel shaky , like my head is floating off my body, and I think I’m low but I’m high. And other times I thought I was high and it was normal. Good old Diabetes playing tricks on us.