Symptoms of neuropathy? please advise

Lately, I have been feeling tingling in my hands and feet (especially my feet actually, just a tiny bit in my hands). Is this a symptom of diabetic neuropathy? I just switched insulins (from lantus to levemir) so this also may be the cause? I don;t know- not diagnosed with neuropathy yet, but curious if anyone had this as a first symptom.

Tingling is a symptom of diabetic neuropathy but it could be so many other things as well, like, Carpal Tunnel, edema, poor circulation, etc. Burning, electric shock-type pains, numbness and cold hands and feet are also symptoms of neuropathy. See you physician for a monofilament test and discuss your concerns with her/him.

A neurologist can give you an EMG test to determine if you have neuropathy. i had mild neuropathy several years ago, and I tightened my control a lot. After a few months with having much less high and low blood sugar, the symptoms of neuropathy disappeared. I have not had neuropathy pain since 2007. Having a lot of highs and lows, especially highs, can cause complications to appear, and neuropathy is one of the most likely. Be sure to have an ophthalmologist check your eyes at least once per year.

Thanks so much for the advice- I am going to ask my diabetes educator about it when I see her tomorrow. I do see the symptoms more when my blood sugar fluctuates more (and after highs). When I press on my wrists, I feel painful shocks in my hands. Tough when exercising.

I have neuropathy in the feet and tingling is one of the symptoms. I believe I have had neuropathy for at least two years. I was only diagnosed about two months ago…I did not mention it to the doctor, because I thought all that pain was from being on my feet too much. After a few months of retirement my feet were still hurting just as much as when I was working. So, I finally told the doctor about the pain and symptoms. She diagnosed the neuropathy. I guess what I am suggesting is don’t wait, have it checked out by your doctor. Perhaps, you may gain something in early treatment before the condition worsens, if it turns out to be neuropathy.

Thank you Neilin,
I just spoke to my doctor this morning and she referred me to a neurologist, so I am going to get it checked out soon. I agree, early diagnosis is always better- there is definitely nerve damage, just not sure if it is from diabetes or mercury poisoning.
Did the doctor put you on any medications?

No medications, yet, for my neuropathy. We discussed some possible meds, and they are meds that are also prescribed for depression. In my experiences in years past before I had diabetes, once on a med that treated depression, the only way to get off it was to switch to a different anti-depressant. You can end up being on the anti-depressant for so long (and I am talking about a few months being too long) that you can become so dependent on it that you may become addicted. Side effects of these prescription anti-depressant drugs were not pleasant. I eventually found a doctor who was able to help me off the anti-depressants, and put me on a vitamin regimen that took care of the depression.
Also, discussed for the neuropathy is possible surgery.
I found this diabetes site by doing a Google search. I thought that if vitamins could help against depression, perhaps, vitamins/nutrients could be helpful with the neuopathy. I am taking Alpha Lipoic Acid which helps, and a few days ago started taking Benfotiamine (I should know in a couple of weeks how the Benfotiamine does).
My view is to try the vitamins and nutrients, first. In my experience, I have been able to stop a vitamin or nutrient any time without ill affects. Not so, with the prescription drugs. I guess what I am suggesting is explore the vitamins and nutrients as an alternative to drugs. If they do not work, then I may have to bite the bullet and try prescribed drugs, and maybe surgery. That is the order in which I am approaching this neuropathy thing. I do have follow up appointments with my doctor.

I am noticing added relief from neuropathy symptoms since I have been taking the Benfotiamine.