Does anyone know where to get t-shirts, or other novelty items, that are diabetes related? I saw a picture Manny had that showed the saying “one test at a time”. I would like to see what else is out there.

Hi Robert - go to this link - Cafe Press - type in “diabetes” in the search window - and viola - you have your choice - I think some of the stuff they sell there goes towards profit - but I may be wrong. I know a few years ago I bought something related to helping out homeless cats - and some of the monies in purchasing what I bought went to charity.

I can’t seem to load one of the t-shirt slogans I think is nifty looking - so it must be a protected image - but here is the link - “Duck Diabetes

Thanks. I like the duck one, that’s funny…

they had some really cute stuff… might have to get a shirt or two when i get some money