T:slim at Disney Land

We are going to Disney Land soon and I'd appreciate any input on what to expect at the park. I've spoken to the pump nurse at my sons Endo as well as tech support at Tandem. However I'd like to hear about real world experience. My son is 10 so keeping his pump safe and in working order is my top priority. I am terrified of a pump failure or worse a damaged pump. TIA!

I have a Tandem pump. I keep it in the provided clip on my belt (to reduce any heated insulin problems from sitting against my body all day) so it puts it at more risk to bumping into things than in my pocket.

I have had the following technical problems:
1. Heat - was at the beach. It beeped telling me its too hot. Luckily I had a cooler and put the pump in the cooler while I did some swimming.
2. Infusion Set comes off - was climbing at the wall sweating a lot. Infusion site just fell off. Luckily I keep extra infusion sets just for this scenario. Since then I use Skin Tac on my sites and the sweat does not affect them so much

I have had the following physical problems:
1. Tubing gets caught - I usually keep the tube through my beltloops to keep it from getting caught on something. Somehow it still gets caught and pulls. The infusion set never pulls out of my body but it reminds me to be careful of things like that.
2. Pump knocks around - I do have a scratch on the touchscreen now because the pump is in a clip on my belt and if I am walking around i can bump it into things. Luckily it does not affect my ability to use the pump.

I have had the following social problems:
1. Children - what is that? Can I touch it? Can I pull this tubing?
2. Drunk people - is that pager? is that a beeper? Can I touch it?
3. Police Officer - what is this? Oh, ok.....
4. Bouncer - what is this? Oh, ok......
5. Airport - put it in the Xray, please.....*wand down body*

For water, consider cases by this company. They are good to further protect water resistant devices (although submerging them in water for periods of time seems to be a problem)


I sympathize! I travel and every TSA agents says “everyone else with a pumps” puts it thru the X-ray machine! I explain it will take invalidate the warranty.
Not sure if this will help but try seeing pockets inside your pants. You can tuck the tubing in there also and it’s protective.**