T-slim charging


@Sally7 my daughter carries a solar charger in her purse. It has worked well for camping as well as a few all-day music festivals when she forgot she needed to recharge. She used it to recharge her meter before we had to switch, & of course her cell phone.



I would like to be included in the ZA group. I have many weapons I could add to the arsenal as well as a fully loaded 4x4. My wife says she will put me down immediately since I’ll die anyway without insulin so I will need to flee in the night. I have a go bag ready, just say the word.


I’ll PM you with our address. Welcome aboard!

ETA: As long as you understand that this is a BYOI affair.


I’m impressed after reading the specs on this device and am pretty close to ordering it. In light of the fact that my daughter currently utilizes the following:
*OmniPod pump: The Brick (PDM) uses 2 AAA batteries and we always have spares with us)
*Dexcom G5 with Share: I don’t even know where the receiver is these days because she uses her iPhone and/or AW
should I be looking at something other than this solar charger that would serve us better?


Do you have nunchak skills?


Sam, does the following plan strike your fancy?

5 to 6 months after the start of the ZA, your clan and my clan meet up in, say, VancouverBC, and join forces. (GPS coordinates TBA secretly at a later date)

Remember, although I am past child-bearing age, I:
*Have a Glock, lots of ammo, and scary-good aim. Additional impressive skills with a large hunting knife. Willing to learn archery skills.
*I have (OK, they’re only green-level) belts in both judo and shotokan karate. Considering additional training in Krav Maga.
*In addition to being a solid asset in the breaking-into supermarkets, warehouses, and pharmacies department (my stepbrother remains imprisoned secondary to multiple B & E convictions, and he taught me everything he knows except for how not to get caught, a skill he sorely lacks), I know quite a little bit about edible plants found in the wild.
*I have two “special” initials after my name and have had a stellar success rate with not-too-complicated emergency surgeries. (I can perform “First Aid” while comatose.)

Feel free to take some time before making your decision.

ETA: Needless to say, we realize this will be a BYOI-type of arrangement.


Sadly I do not. But I can fix anything mechanical or otherwise. Except for women. I haven’t been able to fix my wife yet nor any other woman. :grin:


Vancouver is a long way from Texas. I suggest a more central meeting place. My clan being from Texas will be well armed. We will be the ones in the lifted pickup trucks with large tires.

Also, I’ve watched Zombieland many many times so that counts as training. I will start stock piling twinkies now. Those on Afrezza can have them. :slight_smile:


You had me at “Twinkies”. You seriously have no idea how much I love Twinkies. (Rarely have one these days, though.) I credit Twinkies with helping me survive a troubled childhood reasonably intact. Seriously.


Are you certain it isn’t you that requires “fixing.”

As far as inclusion in our clan is concerned, I’d like to offer you a small piece of advice: Do not take another step on that slippery slope. :wink:


Large tires are not an asset as far as I’m concerned. Perhaps you are not aware of the inverse relationship between the size of a man’s tires and his… feet?


OMG this is perfect! I think I will put it on my Christmas wish list and ask for 2. One for my emergency kit and one to carry with me. I can’t tell you how much I worry about not being able to charge all my diabetes equipment if that earthquake, wildfire etc. hits. Which here in Southern California could be anytime. It is perfect! I am sitting here right now with a huge smile on my face. Love you guys and the DOC is the best. We all have such great ideas!
And I’m so sorry to all my zombie fans here. I have no skills to help in that zombie nightmare which is why I think between the lack of skills and he diabetes, I would be one of the first to go. But thanks for thinking about me. And just think, you could crash my house for supplies because I am a little bit of a horder! But not as much as some.


Haha good one. Tell me that when I’m pulling your stuck arse out of the mud in your Prius as the walkers are fast approaching.

Disclaimer: I own a Prius as well. (My wife’s car) please do not hold it against me.




Haha. I do not. Did you get the optional tampon dispenser?


I bought used and that feature wasn’t available yet. So I built my own. For my wife.

But I have one in my truck. It’s called a toolbox. Cause I’m secure in my manhood. :slight_smile:

Ladies if you take offense to this please direct your flames to Sam.


My father raised me right and taught me many useful skills. When I left home at age 18, he gifted me a well-stocked toolbox. I miss him. :heart:


Sally7, please PM me with your address/GPS coordinates. In the event of a ZA (and I repeat: it’s just a matter of time), we will get to your home as quickly as possible. If you are still alive, you may join us. If not, your stash will be greatly appreciated.


The first solar charger I bought was a cheaper (& flimsy) version I picked up at the auto parts store. It was my mom-solution for my daughter’s excuse of no phone battery/no place to charge. It didnt survive a fall from the top of the stands at a football game, but this one is much tougher, or maybe she’s more careful.:grinning:


I have had my Tslim for 3 months. I love, love, love it. As for charging it, if you are comparing it to the batteries in your other portable devices don’t. It’s worlds ahead. The rechargeable battery amazes me. I charge it every 2 or 3 days and it takes me about 10 minutes. Camping? I use a portable charger. However, that is only because I don’t like it to get below 70%. I haven’t tested it out, but I believe I could likely go weeks.