T-Slim Insulin Pump

Just wondering if anyone out there has tried the T-slim Insulin Pump? It just came out November 2011 it looks like an ipod, has a touch screen, and is very thin. My endo recommended I look into it as I decide if I want to change pumps or order another minimed. The only thing I can find online about it is how slim and up-to-date it is with it's touch screen. I cannot find anthing from anyone who as actually used it. It looks good but I wonder how well it really works.

It was FDA cleared in November, but is not available for sale yet. So.......no one has tried it. They are set to release it during the second half of 2012.

Thanks Kari, that explains why I cannot find anymore info on it. I wonder though why they suggested it becuase I will need a new pump soon.

2nd half of 2012 is a very optimistic timeline. You may want to forgo this option unless you are prepared to be very patient.

I haven't heard anything about it either but i believe i saw a few pix of it on a blog called six for me

from what I was sent in an e-mail from them it is to be out in June this year. I'm impatiently waiting for June to get here so I can try it also. My warranty is up on my pump and I have been researching new pumps and this one will be out before others.
Just an FYI, hope this helps. Good Luck in your choice.

I went to the Taking Control of Your Diabetes conference this past weekend and got to actually play with this new pump! It is incredible! It is so small and practically weightless - almost the size of a pack of gum. The screen is gorgeous in color! The screen is a touch screen and very easy to manuver through menus. I was able to "play" with one, set boluses, etc. and it was so easy to use. The reservoir holds 300 units and uses standard luer lock cartridges. They also have an agreement with Dexcom for an integrated CGM but that is, like Animas and Omnipod, down the road. I was told that they are hoping for a release in August.

cool!! Is it tubed or tubeless?
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update they r taking orders now and shipments start in august

they are available now i am in the prosses of getting mine

this is the link to the t:slim group where users are making comments. Join us with questions.

FYI, Kerri over at SixUntilme.com had a great guest post today from a new t:slim user. Check it out at http://sixuntilme.com/blog2/2012/10/guest_post_reviewing_the_tslim.html.