T-Slim Sets

I’m starting to find the auto soft XC just fill up with air bubbles or don’t stay in. I’m constantly running high with them. What sets do you all like if you were to recommend an angular one for a thin body with scar tissue?

Have you considered Autosoft 30 or Vari-soft, both are angled sets, Autosoft 30s insert at 30 degrees and come with an inserter, it is good for lean body people since they do not go as deep. Varisoft is basically the same thing without the inserter, manual insertion means you can vary the angle slightly.

They are Tandems versions of the Medtronic Silhouette set.

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Can you explain why you think the sets have anything to do with air bubbles and not your technique with filling the cartridges? If air was getting in down at the set, how would you see it?

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I used to be very thin and I had a problem with sets that went straight in, they hit muscle and bend or occlude.

The auto soft goes on an angle, and I insert mine manually to be sure it is in the way I want it, almost parallel to the skin.

Air bubbles can be from the cartridge but also can be from the set being in wrong or hitting muscle, it causes negative pressure and bubbles can back into the line.

There are a lot of different sets with different lengths.
If you ask your pump trainer they will give you a few different kinds and you can see what works best.

I have not had any problems with the Autosoft XC

I gave up on Autosoft 90s. I use steel 90 degree sets or Varisoft sets. The steel sets I insert directly into muscle. The Varisoft sets I use everywhere else so I can control the angle of insertion. I use the Varisoft sets in my advent, my arms, my thighs, my love handles with great success. Depending on where I set them I sometimes have to ice the area because of scar tissue and pain during insertion.

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Thank you! I’ve taken a screen shot of this. Tandem is sending me a variety of samples.