Ok so just hot a sample of the AutoSoft 30’s and the needle on this thing is huge! Does Tandem not make any shorter tubing sets that are slanted? I’m finding this to be a huge draw back with them.

Although long in length, it is often preferred by those who have less fatty areas, and can control the angle for entry into skin. The cannula would be shorter than the needle.

I used the Medtronic version of this many years ago. The first few times were challenging, but then got used to it.

What exactly do you mean by “control the angle” and how do you use that to your advantage?

I put them in manually and almost parallel to my skin. They are called varisoft.

Timothy can you feel the tubing under your skin when you do that?

No I go under the skin completely but very low angle. They stay in better for me. I started using them when I was very lean and the 90 degree ones would hit muscle and bend and clog.

Even though I’m a little heavier now, I still prefer them

Thanks Timothy. You’re tough.

I’m just so used to it, it really doesn’t bother me. I think manual insertion hurts less than the spring loaded ones.

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