VariSoft infusion set opinions?

For anyone who has used both 90 deg sets, and the VariSoft (or whatever the other pump manufacturers call theirs) sets, I am curious of your opinions. The VariSoft, incase you aren’t familiar with the Tandem naming, ar the angled insertion ones that you manually insert and can be inserted at varied angles up to 45deg.

By my calculation the 17mm cannula version should have a max depth of about 12mm, which has my interest piqued. I have a lot of absorption problems, and the 9mm cannulas of the 90 deg sets (or 8mm for the steel ones) just don’t seem to go quite deep enough for me. I am a little nervous about the angled sets and how they feel going in. The Dexcom G5 insertion could be a little painful at times, and it is fairly similar. I am also wondering how it would affect the build up of scar tissue considering the cannula goes through a larger portion of skin.

Any advice and experiences is much appreciated!

The Medtronic version of the Varisoft is the Silhouette. Tandem also has a version with an auto inserter called the Autosoft30. I have used all three, currently using the Autosoft30. The insertion device on the Autosoft30 is designed for a 30 degree angle.

Some people claim that insertion is more challenging but I manually inserted Silhouettes and Varisofts for years with no problems.

I started with these angled sets for quite the opposite reason than what you are considering, I was trying to limit my depth to avoid muscle and prevent bent cannulas. I insert mine at no more than a 30 degree angle, even less when using the Varisoft. I suspect that the deeper you go to miss scar tissue the more likely you will have bent cannula problems.

I had nothing but problems with the two different angled ones I tried with my Tandem pump. I could only get about 2 days from a set, and that wasn’t always that great.
I tried them because most of my body is too lean for a 90 degree infusion set (except my abdomen, no worries there :frowning: )

Hmmm. Sounds like I am probably better off just sticking to the 90 deg sets. I just wish they had some that went a little bit deeper. The Ultraflex sets I used to use were just slightly longer and I never had issues with absorption with them.

Wouldn’t hurt to try the Varisofts. Who knows, they might be just what you need.

You know what really sucks is I was just at my endo this morning and meant to ask if she had any samples and completely forgot :woman_facepalming:

Find out who your local pump rep is, they will often give you sample packs of different infusion sets for you to try out.
I have used this option a couple times over the years. Really a lot easier than using a Dr for this part.


Also better than calling Tandem TS. They refused to send me more than 2 sets. Far too few to actually tell if there is a difference. My rep sent me a full box.


Funny, the VA is being a PITA with my endo for authorizing the Community Care. I basically ran out of my normal, my stash, and my backup (I have a few different ‘test’ sets of different kinds.)
I got a hold of my Tandem rep, and she sent me a box of infusion sets overnight!


Man you all must have great reps. Last time I wanted to get some to test mine had me meet her in a parking lot nearby when she was passing through and gave me a couple samples of whatever she had, which were limited in the cannula and tubing lengths lol.

I cannot complain, this was the first time dealing with my new rep, and she did great. My old rep was always very stand-up, prompt and willing to help.
Are you maybe on the edge of two territories where you might try another rep?