T1 for 16 yrs-33 y/o female-on shots/dexcom-pregnant

Hello Everyone-

I’m currently 5.5 wks pregnant. On a mission to find a good Endo (haven’t had much luck), currently seeing a high risk OBGYN. The new doctor I met with yesterday (Nurse Practitioner) suggested I start using NPH for my long acting insulin instead of my current dose of Levemir, because according to her, Levemir is not FDA approved and NPH is. I’ve never used NPH before but haven’t heard much good about it. Has anyone ever used it while pregnant? And if so, how did you do on it? Any other recommendations anyone may have as far as what I can use and safe while pregnant? Also, if there is anyone out there living in the Orange County, CA area that knows of a good Endo or know someone who may. I would greatly appreciate any feedback/suggestions.

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Hey SugarDragon - I saw your post on the main page and was going to encourage you to ask here, but you beat me to it!

I used a pump for my pregnancy, so I don't have much to add regarding the use of Levemir. Did you ask about Lanuts? It is more similar to Levemir than NPH. I used NPH when I was diagnosed. It will act completely different from Levemir. It's not "bad", but will have a learning curve.

Good luck with finding answers. Did you High Risk OB have an endo suggestion?

Hi, I use Lantus for my long acting insulin and used it during my pregnancies. I also was pregant with my first when I was 33, and have had type1 for along time and take shots instead of pump, and use dexcom. The insulin was fine and typical in hospital so I used this while in the hospitla during/after labor too (as opposed to my quick acting insuline, apidra, which the hospital did not have so I took 'R’egular while in the hospital). During pregnancy I did have to increase my dosages lots (about 3x) which is typical regardless of type. I’m on east coast so don’t have a cali recommendation for you.
Congrats and good luck.

Hi Kate, thanks for the quick reply! I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed lately, so I'm trying to deal with it as best as I can. I feel good knowing my a1c is at a good number before getting pregnant (5.8) so that tends to put my mind at ease. I'm trying hard to keep it relatively close to that number. The OBGYN is great, but I'm still in the process of finding an Endo. All of the ones I've seen within the medical group I have through my insurance have not been the greatest. I thought this would be a good place for me to reach out and see if anyone lived in my area and hopefully knows of a good one. All I've ever known are shots and I'm comfortable with that. The thought of a pump freaks me out! It's foreign to me. Thanks again for your suggestions, greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for sharing your experience, it feels good to know I'm not alone and others have done it as well. I will have to continue with my search/research other methods/options and hope it all works out for the best. Thanks again!

I did my first pregnancy on Levemir back in Canada 4 yrs ago at the age of 35. My daughter was born healthy and strong. The only problem I had with Levemir is that I had to split the doses after I hit 40 units. I was already injected 2x a day before pregnancy. Levemir does something weird once you hit the big doses, it doesn't absorb properly. I had to split my lunchtime & night injections into two shots once I hit the 40 mark. So basically, that's 4 shots of Levemir and 4-6 shots of Novolog a day.....I felt like a pin cushion!! My second pregnancy last year was with a pump......soooooo much easier. Good luck with your search for and Endo, I got lucky, after being turned down by 5 because I was pregnant I finally found one that would take me.

Hi nancy, thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve continued to use levemir since finding out it is perfectly ok to take while pregnant. I have an endo that I just started seeing so hopefully this one will work out. Thanks again!

Hi Monica
I am a T2, who is 38 years old, with my first pregnancy. Im 6 months pregnant, and using Novolog meal time and NPH for long acting. I have been having a hell of a time with my morning numbers being too high and then always dipping too low mid day. I am having a hard time incorporating snacks, in fact my appetite has decreased once I got pregnant?! I live in Berkeley, Ca. I thought it might be nice to connect since you too were "older". It feels weird to be considered high risk because of age, and of course diabetes too, not to mention I had high blood pressure, which is controlled with meds. Any insight would be appreciated. Sounds like you have two kids?! congrats!

Hi Chaya, congratulations on this beautiful blessing on the way! It’s absolutely the hardest job you’ll ever love!:slight_smile: I have one baby boy who was born last September. He is my pride and joy! Sounds like you’re on multiple daily injections? I had a terrible time controlling my bgs in the beginning of my pregnancy (I was always high). Luckily, I got on the tslim pump and it was the best thing I ever did! Are you able to get on a pump, even if only while pregnant? It just made life a whole lot easier as opposed to doing up to 10-12 shots a day just to stay in range. It’s totally doable on daily injections, just think of the end result (a beautiful healthy baby)! Feel free to reach out with any other questions. And best of luck on a healthy pregnancy!