My medications and ttc

Okay so I am wanting to ttc here in the next six months to a year. The thing is that iI am not sure about the meds that I am on. I have my a1c down from in the 9s to a 7.4 and still coming down. I have just started on Symlin a month ago and it is helping alot. Although I know that it has not been studied for the use with pregnancy and breastfeeding…but all of the studies and info that I have found are from 2007…has there not been anything new found with it in the last 3 years? I have not talked with the Dr yet about this althogh she did just put me on it and knows that I want to ttc soon so I am not really sure?

I also take Levemir and novalog.

Anyone had any experience with this or your opinions?

I am guessing that no one has had any experience with this?..

This is what my Endo told me regarding Levemir:

“It has not been approved for use during pregnancy yet.” They are doing studies for the past 5 years and haven’t found anything negative about using Levemir during pregnancy, but won’t release the green light for use during pregnancy until 2012. On the flip side, Lantus has been proven to interfere with the baby’s growth hormones during pregnancy, so many Endos will not approve usage of Lantus during pregnancy.

Personal Experience: I used NPH in place of my friend Levemir during the first trimester. Switched back to Levemir during second trimester and so far so good. Most of the baby’s vital organs are done being created after first trimester.

I am not aware of any studies regarding Novolog. Many Endos are not concerned with the effect of short acting insulins on the fetus because the insulins leave our bodies from 2-4 hours later. From what I know of concretely, Humilin R is the only approved for pregnancy.

Personal Experience: I’ve been using Apidra with no issues

Regarding Symlin- From what I understand, Symlin is similar to Metformin in that it helps to maintain weight control and to lower short acting insulin dosages while increasing insulin absorption. Symlin is an injection while Metformin is a pill.

From what I’ve read, Symlin is a newer drug while Metformin has been around and in use since 1920 (before most insulins).

Personal Experience: I’ve never used Symlin. I was on Metformin in 2010 to help with major insulin resistance. I used it for 3 months and then took myself off because my BG control improved greatly. I resumed using Metformin to help combat the insulin resistance during the second trimester of pregnancy. I’ve been using Metformin for one month and my BG control has been relatively fantastic. No issues so far. I have no experience with Symlin.

Breastfeeding: While breastfeeding, BG has to be in range (or at least under 200). If out of range, usually discard the milk pumped. I’ve read studies and have heard stories about Type 1 pregnant women (also pregnant Endos) using Metformin during and after their pregnancies, while breastfeeding. I don’t know any studies regarding Symlin.

I hope this helps. Didn’t mean to ignore you for past few days- just didnt see this post!

Good luck!

~ Type 1 for 13 years, 20+ shots per day, Metformin, no CGM, no pump, 7 months pregnant and counting

Okay I think you for the info and yes it dose help. Also I am not sure what NPH is?

I am pregnant and was allowed to continue taking my Levemir and humalog, not too sure about the Symlin but it is a natural hormone produced by your body so may be okay during pregnancy.

NPH is the Humilin N that was out during the 90s. It is one of the oldest basal insulins out there. Only lasts for 12 hours and has a DEFINITE peak at 4 hours after injection. When I was diagnosed in 1998 I used to take NPH in the morning, then at noontime I wouldnt even need to bolus for lunch because the NPH peak was so strong.

Hey LIl Mama! There are mixed feelings on Levemir in the doctor community. My diabetes-specialist OBGYN called the diabetes committee board of directors and they said there have been NO issues using Levemir during pregnancy. But then other Endos see how similar Levemir is to Lantus, and the fact that Lantus effected the baby’s growth hormones, so they will “strongly suggest” diabetics to switch from using Levemir. I HATED going back to NPH, but I was too scared to stay on Levemir. After 7 insulin shock comas, in part to using NPH with its 4 hour peaks, I pleaded to go back to Levemir.

This is probably NOTHING wrong with Levemir and pregnancy (that’s my hope!) but we should know fur sure early 2012. Which will be in time for my baby #2! :slight_smile: