T1 & Hashimoto's Question

I'm curious...

Is there any correlation between having T1 & Hashimoto's or vice versa? Just wondering if you have 1 autoimmune disease/disorder are you more prone to another?

Absolutely. Many of us have more than one autoimmune condition. I had Graves Disease years before my T1 diagnosis; it was one of the things on my list that made me recognize I had Type 1, not Type 2 as I was mistakenly diagnosed.

I've been on Synthroid for hypothyroid since I was 15-16 years old. I was also misdiagnosed as T2 at the age of 21. I'm going to do more research on the correlation- it's so interesting (& makes toal sense)!

Ah, you are like me with the thyroid condition coming first. Most people on here seem to have had T1 first and thyroid later, but the correlation is clear. I was actually originally hyperthyroid (Graves) which is also autoimmune and they destroyed my thyroid with radiation because they couldn't regulate it and now I too take Synthroid for replacement.

If you like puzzles I'll give you another one: While we'd all agree (and I'm sure you can find it documented somewhere - even my no-nothing doctor tested me for rheumatoid arthritis); I have another theory. All my life I've had an unusually strong immune system: never got the childhood diseases all my classmates got, rarely get colds; am part of about 15% of the population that spontaneously cleared the HCV virus. I believe there is a connection to my autoimmune conditions - I'm not a science person, but something along the line of my immune system fights so hard it even attacks itself!

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I've often wondered if something about our immune system that causes the auto-immune illnesses could be harvested for people like those with HIV/AIDS> It is as though we got their share of immunity.

Wouldn't that be amazing!

I'm actually really worried that I have hashimoto's. I vaguely have all the symptoms, but they're all somewhat vague symptoms that everyone has, you know? But... I had symptoms of T1 long before diagnosis and people just sort of waved those away. So I guess now I'm a bit paranoid that all those little tiny symptoms that don't amount to anything could amount to something, just like they did with my T1 diagnosis. I have a family member who also has Addison's disease, too.


Hypothyroidism is found in about 3% of patients with insulin-dependent
diabetes mellitus (IDDM).

Yeah, if "they" could make a vaccine out of our system for the HIV/AIDS people and somehow make an immune-system "slow-down" for us. From what I've read, it is currently thought that the immune system onslaught isn't a big bang, but rather a continuing attack on those poor little defenseless betas. How cool would that be!

Have they done blood work to see what your TSH, T3, & T4 are?

I'm so surprised this % is not a lot higher!

T1 is just one of many manifestations of an underlying autoimmune condition. It is an autoimmune attack against the blood vessels of the beta cells and the beta cells itself. Most T1 have or develop two or more autoimmune conditions in their life. In my experience one will manifest every 20 years. The spectrum is very wide spread: rare skin conditions like lichen ruber and lichen sclerosis or thyroid related like hashimoto. Even more subtle are conditions like pernicious anemia (attack against the gastric parietal cells) or celiac disease (against gluten) or sjögren's syndrome (attack against the salivary and lacrimal glands, that produce saliva and tears) or raynaud's phenomenon (cold can provoke white extremeties, its connection to autoimmunity is unclear). I am sure others can contribute with more conditions. Perhaps some members are just realizing the connection of their skin rash and T1 after reading my comment.

Maybe it would be higher if they only took the percentage of T1's, and not of all "insulin dependent diabetics", which contain of T2s on insulin as well, and as we all know T2 is not auto immune triggered.

My T1 came first, then about 10 years later was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. Now I have developed a severe asthma which the doctors say is also autoimmune related.

This is so concerning to me. For me- Hashimoto's at 15/16 & then T1 at 21. If I let my mind wander, I fear what's to come in my future.

That's why I look to the immunology scientists to find our cure. I don't expect much from the endo researchers because with insulin (for both types) and the other meds (for type 2) sometimes I think they are satisfied that there are treatments - and of course the drug companies are pleased with that aspect as well. With auto-immune things being related, there is a larger population to be served and hopefully researchers will work together because I think that it is likely that the cure for one will lead to the cure for the others.

I think it's closer to 15%(can't remember where i seen that, though). I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's at 22, T1 at 8, hopefully I don't get any other autoimmune stuff, lol.

When I was first diagnosed, the stat I read said that by age 40, 80% of women with Type 1 diabetes will also have Hashimoto's.

Zoe I am just like you. I had Grave's first and then fifteen years later t1. There is definitely a correlation in my opinion. I can't tell you how many t1's I have come across have Grave's too.

Fear is a bad advisor here because you can not do anything about it proactively. I think Hashimoto is the most problematic condition since it can have a negative impact on your glucose control. All the other conditions are more or less annoying - although they might need special attention: like vitamin b shots every x months for pernicious anemia.