T1D and pregnancy

Hello… Im T1 and pregnant!My doctors seem to just be scaring me and I’m getting more frustrated than anything when it my numbers aren’t perfect because i feel like i’m hurting my baby.I also think I have a cold which isn’t helping my numbers. Any tips or tricks out there on how to relax and maybe rid myself of this cold? Thank you!

I’m sorry, this is so tough. Try to stay positive. With T1d our bloodsugars will never be perfect, but especially in pregnancy we need to keep trying.

It sounds like you might need more insulin. I needed higher basals and boluses in my first month or two of pregnancy; your cold might be making you even more insulin-resistant. But if you raise your insulin doses, don’t do anything too drastic and keep some glucose tabs on hand- they’re the best way to treat lows.

Also, have you checked for ketones? If you have more than a small amount, you should get medical attention right away. Pregnancy makes ketones develop faster.

Finally, I wonder if you should look for a doctor or educator who is less judgmental but can help you with practical suggestions for your insulin doses and general T1d management.

Hope you feel better soon.

Hang in there!

On the one hand, there are certainly a few things you can do to improve bgs… eating less carbs, pre-bolusing, and exercising.

On the other hand, even if you do everything perfectly and consistently, your bgs are not always going to cooperate.

Your baby will be fine. Just try to get spikes to come down as quickly as possible and make continuous basal adjustments to try to keep your fasting bg within range. I did a lot of temp basal rates throughout my pregnancy, each time my fasting was creeping out of range. I also kept fast acting sugar on me at all times in case I was overly aggressive.

Do you have a CGM? That was the most helpful tool and gave me the confidence and awareness I needed in order to be aggressive with my basals so I could keep my bg in range.

Again, your baby will be ok. Just do your best. You got this!