Tag spreadsheets

I know - I hear ya. “They” don’t get it.

BTW, I didn’t realize you were talking about MDI - I gotta be honest: TAG is easier with the pump.

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Love it!

Ok, i think this is where I was getting confused before reading much much more into this. TAG using MDI would be painful at best. Also looking at the “square” term in conjunction with “wave” confused me as i’ve never seen a square wave, lol.

My local Diabetes Education Center is having show n tell tonight for different pumps, and I plan to go and check them all out in person, poke at buttons n such, ask lots of questions. I think I may be getting one soon as the benefits are starting to look more and more worth trying out. Once/if I get a pump i’ll revisit this TAG stuff though.

Also, is there an android app for tag worksheets? I see questions for iPhone apps, but if nothing else perhaps I’ll make one for my phone based on the excel sheets.

So is this Carbs (minus) fiber? Did I get that right??? This is pretty cool. I saved it as a pic and going to see if it will print out for me.

Love it too b/c I’m not really smiling right now either but this made me smile. Thank you for that. :o)

Ever thought about going on a pump?

Ken, if you do make an adroid app will you share? Pleeeeeeeease?



I would be interested in your thoughts.

Are these spreadsheets stored anywhere on the tudiabetes site? None of them pull up for me (I guess since they were posted a while ago).

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maybe @Danny_ or @Terry4 know

Thanks! Much appreciated.

You’re most welcome!

Here’s one of the spreadsheets of that era. I use one now that I’ve modified from this original.

TAGCalculator-1.xls (25.5 KB)