Taken to the woodshed last night

my end of the year doc visit was last night and I’m still stinging from the spaking I got. I had been running around 6.5 for about 18 months until this time around I jumped to 7.0 neither the doc or myself were pleased with this. seems I took too much of a vacation from working out when my race season ended in sept/oct. I fully expected to start taking insulin after seeing my A1C results but was able to show the doctor that now that I am running/cycling on a consistent basis my 14 day average was down to 125. If my A1C does not improve I will have to try something else in March. thank goodness I have joined a 100workout in 100days challenge to keep me busy over the winter months till ironman training starts again in March

Sounds like you are already picking yourself up, and dusting yourself off, getting back in the race! can you tell us more about the 100 workout?

have to do at least 1 workout per day for at least 20 minutes that raises your HR to above 105 beats per minute. not too crazy but just enough to activate my obsessive compulsive behaviour so that I GOTTA workout

Yes, sounds like you are doing great. I was celebrating a 7.0 a few weeks ago, but I know that it is all relative. Still not such a huge jump :slight_smile: So don’t beat yourself up too much – sounds like you are indeed really on top of things!

still not a good trend BTW Kristin I saw your write up in one of the diabetes mags in the waiting room.

Still you are doing great, I wish I was as active you are, but hope you wont get discouraged during the winter. Hope the next time you see your Endo he will be surprised that is back down to 6.4