Tandem Insulin Pump t:slim) & Dexcom G6 Supply Questions

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Though I am not new to being a diabetic, I am new to the latest technology out there. Back in June my Dr. recommended placing me on the Tandem Insulin Pump (t:slim) and the Dexcom G6 once it was released. Thankfully our health insurance covered both devices. Due to my health starting to decline about 2+ years ago, when the company my wife worked for decided to get medical, she got the best plan she could. Unfortunately, she has left the company she works for to pursue her own business and be more available at home to help with my health needs. As of October of 2017, I was approved for disability and have lost the ability to obtain a Driver’s License due to my Retina Neuropathy and Neuropathy that has traveled almost halfway up both legs and arms. Unfortunately, my medical through my SSID is not active until October 2019. I am posting this as I am close to ending my first 90 day supply of both the Tandem and Dexcom G6 supplies and we are not sure if my wife’s insurance will be valid at the end of the month when I reorder. Does anyone have any recommendations of where we can either obtain short-term financial assistance or purchase these at a discounted rate through other providers? Or if there is anything I can do with contacting someone about my SSID and seeing if I can have it approved earlier? We are completely new to this and just need some guidance. I greatly appreciate any feedback!

Have you looked into COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) insurance? Sometimes when you change employment, probably dependent upon certain conditions, you have the option of using COBRA insurance up to I think 18 months.

Here’s one link about COBRA from the Department of Labor:

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