Looking for new pump supplies vendor

I am fed up with my current supplier. Anybody have recomendations for cartridges and infusions sets? Insurance is Medicare and I have a Tandem TSlim. Thank you.

I use Tandem, but not on medicare, and use CCS Medical. Had a rocky start with them, but now working ok.
I was able to switch to pharmacy for Dexcom, which I really like.

In past I have used Byram, and was mostly good, but a few problems more related to my insurance.

Thanks for your help.

It depends upon who provides your Medicare supplementary insurance. Suppliers do not work with all insurance companies. I, too, buy supplies from CCS. As long as you set up an email account with them and work directly online without having to speak with any of their online service people, things will go really smoothly. Call CCS and any other supplier you may be interested in and ask whether they work with your insurance company. If they do, set up an email account and go from there. Good luck.

I’m on Medicare, with a supplemental w/ Cigna. I haven’t had any problems getting Tandem supplies every three months.

Do you get them from Tandem?

Byram. every 3 months they send me an email that it’s time to reorder and I call them right away.

Byram for both CGM & Tandem CIQ. Takes time to learn their ways. Their ways keep insurance from biting in the back side.

I switched to Pumps It when I went with my Tandem X2. And when Dexcom stopped working with my insurance company, I now get everything from them. So far so goo. Just got a notification asking if I was ready for a transmitter reorder. Yes, yes I am. I haven’t had any issues but I am not sure on the Medicare question. Good luck.

I use Solara and it is mostly okay. Occasionally they drive me crazy and fortunately I have enough backup supplies to weather the occasional delays. Medicare reimburses our pump and Dexcom supplies at a low rate compared to private insurance and sometimes I think that we are lucky that any suppliers get it right most of the time. If I were starting from scratch, I would probably go with US Med since I hear good things about them.