Tandem R&D Day)

Ahhh. I’m so excited! Tandem’s 3 hour R&D event is running now.

The big news thus far is that the pump formerly known under it’s working name T:sport has officially been named Mobi.

We already know it was going to be half the size of the T:slim X2 without any screen, be fully controlled via the patients mobile phone, have a 200 unit reservoir, charge wirelessly, launch with Control-IQ and be capable of future updates, and it will have an on-board button for quick bolusing without the mobile. Some of the new information:. It is waterproof, with an IPX8 rating. They’re working on new infusion set offerings, but it will be introduced with a new 4-inch option. (There was question about how long it would be.) I was also surprised to see that the category under which the pump will be filed will allow them to upgrade it without further FDA oversight, meaning faster updates.

They’ve also talked about future pipeline products.

Next coming, since the T:slim and T:slim X2 have been so popular, it’s no surprise that they’re working on a T:slim X3. There wasn’t a lot of talk about it, but they’re improving processing hardware to better compute next generation AID algorithms. It will be capable of wireless updates. They’re also focusing on improving battery performance and charging.

After that comes the next update to the Mobi system, Mobi: tubeless.

Mobi: tubeless will completely nix the infusion set/tube component. Instead, one would apply a disposable plastic pump mount and cannula piece, which would connect to a different reservoir.

But it doesn’t stop there. They think the T:slim and Mobi platforms will only get them to half of their patient base goals, so they intend to offer a fully tubeless patch pump, more competitive with Omnipod. That means they’ll be the only pump manufacturer with 3 completely different product lines, to better meet the different expectation of every single diabetic undergoing advanced insulin therapies.

Excuse the screen shot photos. I was trying to share quickly.

Update 1:

The mobile bolus upgrade that’s already pending approval with the FDA is simply an update to the existing T:connect app, not a brand new app as previously suspected. However, the Mobi system will launch with an entirely new app, as it will require many additional features for complete pump control

Another feature I’m excited to hear about: Tandem understands that the average diabetic only spends 3 hours a year with a managing health professional, and the other 8757 are self-managed. They intend to work on software analytics that will help identify weaknesses in our management routine and recommend dosage/behavior changes.

Update 2, scattered points from the Q&A sections. Sorry for the disorganization:

  • Tandem is confident they can grow to 1 million users in the next 5 years, based on this wide portfolio of options.

  • Some clarification on the Mobi:tubeless. It uses the same exact Mobi as the base pump, all that changes is the disposable cannula and cartridge elements. So existing Mobi users would easily be able to go tubeless. It will be very similar to inserting the empty Dexcom sensor housing and clicking in the transmitter. One will insert a cannula with an adhesive “dock” (the word they used) attached to it. They then load the Mobi pump with an alternative cartridge that lacks the pigtail tubing connection, but rather connects to the cannula in the dock. Finally, you snap the Mobi pump into the dock.

  • Expect future marketing and product development specific to the Type 2 market.

  • The approval for the mobile bolus update is anticipated any day now, still. Unfortunately, there’s been very little communication at all from the FDA, so they have no way of knowing where it currently stands. They’re ready to launch as soon as the approval comes through, but at this point it’s not likely until early 2022.

  • They can’t comment on the Mobi market date until the mobile bolus update comes through, because it’s a prerequisite for the platform Mobi is built upon.

  • The pipeline patch pump is an entirely separate product from Mobi. It will be even smaller yet, one single piece (no dock), and fully disposable. It will be a full-functioned insulin pump, more similar to Omnipod than the feature-lacking V-go and CeQur that are indicated for Type 2s only. It will also be the first Tandem product to likely be distributed through the pharmacy channel, rather than exclusively DME.

  • The Mobi app will be available on both IOS and Android.

  • They’re currently evaluating all insulin options to be used in all of their pump products, including generics, biosimilars, and concentrated formulations. It wasn’t specifically stated but hinted/teased that Mobi will launch with a concentrated insulin indication, expanding the capacity beyond 200 units.

  • Since Libre does not currently have an ACE designated device (the Libre 2 is specifically contraindicated for use in automated insulin dosing systems in the US), they were asked if they might allow the Libre 2 to be used with Control-IQ in markets outside the US where no such contraindication exists. They basically don’t want to undermine their relationship with the FDA. The answer was a resounding “no”, but they will certainly allow integration as soon as they bring a qualified device to market.

  • They confirmed that there will be upgrade opportunities for current in-warranty T:slim users to move to the Mobi system, but did not mention specifics.


Thanks for the thorough review. It’s amazing to me that the financial players get product news well before the ultimate revenue generators, the patients. But that’s how the world works and you’re smart to monitor the financial landscape for diabetes technology emergence.

Was there any mention of more liberal user-defined settings like BG targets < 100 mg/dL? Since this was targeted at the money crowd, they likely wouldn’t need to address that issue. Great post!

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That’s one of the notes I just took on the Q&A segment. They’re still in the research phase of allowing customizable glycogenic goals. They said not to expect to see that until next year. But I have a sneaking suspicion that he was referring to target ranges and when the AID program intervenes, and not just the “target BG” setting. With Control-IQ, since it works mostly based on actionable ranges rather than just aiming for a set point, that specific setting doesn’t actually do much, and I believe they’re going to slip that into one of the earlier updates.

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Did they share any details on the size of the fully tubeless pump? Any idea when it will be released?

I’m sorry, but they didn’t. Only that it’s fourth in line after Mobi, then T:slim X3, then Mobi: Tubeless… And then finally the patch pump. They haven’t said if that’s a few years out or a longer game plan. What they do keep stressing over and over is that Covid has really screwed with normal FDA processing times, and we’re at their mercy.

Thanks for sharing the details. Hope to see it sooner rather than later. :slight_smile:

How dysfunctional and poorly managed is the FDA. Tax dollars hard at work.

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That has definitely been seen through Covid with companies having trouble getting approved for Covid tests and vaccines…

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Well, I don’t want this thread to be come political, however
The FDA was reduced a lot in people and funding.
It will take longer to bring it back up to operating speed.


Keep in mind that the folks like us who use Tandem’s devices are probably not considered to be customers by Tandem. We’re part of their product. The true customers are the folks who authorize the purchase of their devices. You know, doctors and such. :wink: :upside_down_face:

I totally get that. Yet this type of thinking ultimately bleeds through and product defects become painfully obvious to the users. The best products are the ones informed by the values of actual users, not investors, not engineers, not senior managers and certainly not uninformed doctors.

The best (and most successful) products are the ones that delight and surprise end users by meeting their real-world needs.

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The investor information is public. There’s no necessary credentials to access this information. They just direct this information towards investors, because they’re the ones most interested in where the company is going and it’s future potential. If they can see exciting things on the horizon, they’re more likely to invest their money there.

You very often do have to register, though. In which case I just enter a personal email and if it requires a company, I use our personal farm co-op. You can put anything you want there, like Pancreas Wanted, Inc.

Those of us like myself, and I assume many others here, aren’t exactly representative of the typical diabetic population. The typical one isn’t researching these things. They’re mostly choosing the tech their medical team recommends. And the doctors aren’t researching these things in advance, they wait to learn anything until the sales people come calling. My entire house is a little tech obsessed, though, and stalking the technological advancements in diabetes care is one of my vices.

Anyone interested can still view the presentation at https://investor.tandemdiabetes.com/events-and-presentations You just have to register, then login, and click the “view on demand” link. It’s free.


I agree, still frustrating. But I’m sure with limited resources the higher need efforts get the prioritization. Pump approvals probably not high on the list.

Exciting stuff. I was in the clinical trial for the omnipod 5 and I could not get dialed in. The algo is (1) more conservative than Tandem’s, (2) has no extended bolus feature and (3) has to be in line of sight of the dexcom transmitter to receive data. I’m very interested in Mobi. Thanks for the great readout.

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I agree. The mobi looks promising. I need to get a hold of it to actually get an idea. I was able to do that 2 years ago,mi wonder if it’s still the same.
The new pod looks even more promising, since I already like the control IQ. It could really be a game changer.

If we ever start having in person events again, I would like to compare all the options in real time.

Has anyone else searched for mobi pump images? Umm there is another kind of pump that uses the same name. I got tons of hits for this kind of pump as well as lots of porn sites that have mobi pump in the description.
So yea Tandem, you might have researched the name a little better.


This is a great writeup, thanks! I am up for a new pump in calendar year 2022, and I’m wondering if I should get the t:slim x2 w/ Control IQ or if I should wait and see if something comes out—didn’t seem like they had any dates, though. I guess anything will be better than my Medtronic 670G since that can’t talk to Dexcom and the infusion sets (except for Mid Advance) are a huge pain (for me personally). And if they’re able to get the Omnipod-like device to be covered by pharmacy benefits, I could always give that a shot as well.

I can’t wait for a smaller, sportier pump. However, I’m only three months into the Tandem X2 so I will either need some big $$ or be patient.
Meanwhile, I bought a belt-with-a-pocket (a bit like a money belt you might use for travelling). I wear it for sleeping with the whole tube tucked into it and if I’m going outside at -20 degrees so that the tube of insulin doesn’t freeze as it would if it were in my pocket.
I’ve wondered if I could get some good double-sided tape and use a very short tube and treat my Current pump like a pod? Whether it would stick. . . hmm.

Yeah. If life were only like this.

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Your pump needs to be used to clear some alarms so it would be a pain to use tape. The mobi has no screen so you won’t need to access it when it’s connected. You will use your phone.

The info regarding tslim pumps under warranty is that they will offer a trade in for some price undisclosed.

Depending on what it costs I might switch over.

My current tslim is only 18 months old
But I really want to access areas where I can’t put my current pump.

Thank you so much for sharing this great information, so well organized! I’m most excited about being able to bolus from the app… and the mobi sounds pretty cool! My warranty is up in about a year, so might be good timing.

@Timothy I’m curious why you think a tubeless pump will give you more site options than your current one? One big issue I had with Omnipod was my body wouldn’t tolerate their cannula for more than a day or 2, (huge itchy welts), and I only use ~15 units/day, and way too wasteful for me to do that. I have limited areas I can use even steel sets, and move it after 2 days usually… it worries me that I’ll run out of site options!