Tandem t:slim X2 - Screen Protector

A key differentiator of the Tandem t:slim X2 pump is the touchscreen.

The pump comes with a screen protector on the touchscreen which seems rarely to come up in topics.

The following video does an excellent job of providing information on this. A great video for anybody interested in the X2.


This is great, thanks for the video! Can you buy additional screen protectors? If I get a t:slim, I’d like to buy a screen protector and punch little tactile locator dots in it to help me navigate the screen.

Also, was that alarm at the beginning of the video from the pump? I didn’t really test out the sound when I saw it in person, only the vibration. I was worried that the vibrations aren’t very strong, so it’s nice if the sound is nice and loud, especially for important alarms.

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Thanks Tim -

Great video - and perfectly timed for me.

This past weekend I found a piece of material knocked out of the screen. I wear it on my belt so I imagine I bumped up against something.

I was planning to call Tandem to see if I could take it to one of the ubiquitous places that repair cell phone screens. It scares me to have some snotty-nosed teenager work on my pump, but I’ve had my cell phones repaired on a couple of occasions without issue :grinning:

What a relief to know the defect might be in the screen protector (which I didn’t know was there), and if not, Tandem will cover it under warranty!

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Hi @Jen, screen protectors for the TSlim are readily available from Tandem, Amazon, pump peelz, and a variety of other retailers.

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I cover my pump screen and my CGM screen with screen protector material cut from large screen protectors (such as for a tablet). it’s very economical as u can cut quite a few from a 9-10" tablet protector. just be sure to label side one so u don’t get confused. i use a piece of blue tape to separate the film from the protective covering and a magic marker to label side one prior to cutting it away from the main piece.

@Paytone - I assume you will be calling Tandem Tech Support. Feel like posting how it goes with them?

Just got off the phone with tech support. They confirmed most of the points in the video.

If the pump is under warranty, they will replace the screen protector first. If the crack is on the screen itself then they will replace the pump. I didn’t ask about their post-warranty policy.

Only one difference - they didn’t ask me to remove the screen protector and use the pump unprotected until the replacement arrives, as shown in the video. They asked me to remove the screen protector after the replacement arrives so the pump is never used without a screen protector in place. If I find the issue is with the screen itself - call them back.

Hmmm… I’m very active (woodworking, automotive, home construction, yard work) and my pumps have always been on my waistband (all Medtronic pumps). I haven’t ever damaged a screen (going back to 1996). So I’m wondering if you were around some particularly sharp objects or if the X2 screen is less robust than MiniMed screens.

I wear my X2 on my spibelt 24/7.
I work on trucks, equipment, fencing, brushing, etc.
I haven’t damaged the pump yet.
My screen protector is getting hazy, but after almost 2 years now, I would say it is doing VERY WELL.

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I’ve never used a Medtronic pump so really can’t comment on relative strength. In the past I’ve put divots in the screen protector on my Animas pumps, Their screen protector is a thick, gel-like material. I had one heck of a time replacing them.

My older t:slim did not come with a screen protector and never really thought about it. You know a big screen like that. And I am a big fan of Pump Peelz. They make things a little bit more fun and I both seasonal, holiday or just runs one on my pump, transmitter, and receiver (when I was using one).
So fast forward, I got my wonderful Tandem IQ and I put a new Pump Peelz on it and it of course makes me smile (so fun!). But when I went to pull the first one off, I did not realize there was already a screen protector on it. And I almost pulled the whole thing off.
So to help with this problem I cut a corner off the sticker so I can grab just the sticker and won’t pull off the protector.

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