Tandem X2 Loaner - to insure or not to insure?

Hi all,

I’m traveling (for work) to a remote village in the Russian Arctic next month. Tandem is sending me a loaner X2 pump to take with, which is really great. However, my eyes bugged out a bit at the $4999 they’d put on my credit card if I don’t return the loaner within 30 days of returning home. What if something happens to the pump and I can’t return it? Am I on the hook for that amount? I’ve travelled to Russia many times, speak Russian, and feel generally comfortable dealing with Russian bureaucrats. But this time I will be entering through a small port of entry that I’ve never used before and doesn’t see a ton people passing through. I’m worried about losing the pump, having it stolen, or having suspicious border control guards confiscate it. So, I think I’d like to insure the loaner pump. Has anyone done this? What type of insurance did you get? Travel insurance?

Please advise!


I have not insured my pump, but have heard others say they have it covered by their home insurance, at additional cost. May also work with renters insurance. Call your agent to check.

I got insurance through State Farm for both pump and Dexcom. After losing my Dexcom receiver a second time, they will no longer insure either my pump nor Dexcom.

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