Tape for 'extended use'

hey everyone! Going on week 4 of the G4 (and only on my 2nd sensor)! I've been getting great readings, even after the full 7 days, and my sites aren't inflamed or getting infected so i just keep the site in (reminds me of the 'gold 'ol days' on my Cosmo when i would have a really comfy infusion site and i would just refill my reservoir instead of changing the site too). My first site i got a full 12 days out of before the Dex tape and all the other tape i put on it just wouldn't hold anymore. i didn't use any SkinTac for the first sensor run because i just wanted to see how long it would last. around day 8 (i think), was when i started putting extra TegaDerm over the Dex tape, and i started to have an allergic reaction to it, so i took that off and put on some white med tape. that seemed to do the trick for the last few days.

my second site i have in now, i am going on day 11 and it's still stuck pretty good. i did use SkinTac this time though. i have one little piece of white tape over the front part of the sensor (the end where the actual sensor wire is), but i think it's because i didn't get the Dex tape down all the way when i first put it on. otherwise, all sides of the Dex tape are still secure (yay for SkinTac!)

now, i am having some slight itchiness from the white med tape, but not the Dex tape. the stuff i am using is that fabricy/nylon tape in a roll you can pick up pretty much at any pharmacy. can anyone recommend a different type of tape i could use to keep my Dex attached to me? I have some large sheets of TegaDerm, but i dont think my skin likes it much (i get really itchy...but not red or inflamed). i had thought to make a TegaDerm tape patch and just cut out a square where the Dex would be, but then i thought better of it. I normally dont have skin allergies to med tape or the glue in it, but then again, i also typically dont have tape on me for this long. i also bought a roll of the paper med tape, but a paramedic friend of mine said the fabricy/nylon stuff would hold longer.

There are other posts about the different tapes people use but currently I’m on day 15 with Opsite Flexifix. I workout every day and take two showers a day and this stuff is golden. I use the 4" tape. I also like it because its almost transparent. Awesome tape and its recommended by a ton of others throughout this site. Here is a great website to get it from:


+1 for the Opsite Flexifix! That stuff is the best!

Another +1 for Opsite Flexifix. But I also use "Skin-Prep", which is not the same thing as IV-Prep, underneath the entire area first. Combining both is an absolute winner!