Tape or dressing: allergy or skin problem: has anybody experience with compound tincture of benzoin (CTB) to prevent?

CTB is sometimes applied to skin before applying tape or other adhesive bandages in other circumstances having nothing to do with DM management. It protects the skin from allergy, they say. An example is spraying it on a broken limb before putting the cast on it, to minimize itching in subsequent days.

Moreover it's a light adhesive somewhat like what you find on a Smith&Nephew iv prep wipe. It's not a glue. It has only a little "stickiness" to it. Apparently, CTB is common in military settings as an item for keeping a dressing still. I never heard of a diabetic using it. The idea seems sound -- to use an alcohol prep, then a little CTB, and let it dry for a minute, then insert your infusion set there.

Anybody tried it? Do you know something better? Is it worth a try?

I don't see why it wouldn't help if you think skin allergy to tape is an issue.

Note: it must be "compound" and say so or it will not stick.

Comments welcome.

Interesting. I have never heard of this. For me, I only seem to get rashes/itching with my infusion sites in the summer months. To mitigate this, I use a layer of Opsite Flexifix between my skin and the adhesive. Works like a charm.

I am a pediatric nurse and routinely use CTB on kids skin to keep the tape on an IV site. It helps for those people that have clammy skin or sweat a lot. It's a very strong product and have seen a lot of kids have a skin sensitivity to it after we used it. But it does work very well for the adhesive side of the problem, not sure about the skin protect-ant part of that. I probably wouldn't apply it then insert through the skin where the benzoin is, only apply to where the tape will be. There are other skin barrier products out there that do a better job protecting the skin and help with tape adhesion.

I don't personally use it but learned something from what you wrote. Can you (or others) tell the favourite products you like? how do you regard the smith & nephew products like the IV-3000 and the IV-wipes ?