Teenage diabetes

lately it's been tough for me.

i'm just plain tired of this. Diabetes has got me down and i want it to stop..i want the site pains to go away, i want the comments to stop. when people say things like "what's that? is that your cell phone?" ,or "are you even allowed to eat that?" .or just plain having to explain things. i'm over it. i know people don't know, i mean, i understand why they ask. i just wish i didn't have to explain.

not only do i have the struggles with Diabetes, but just regular middle school dramas. the "he said, she said", the friends, the work, the..everything..

i'm tired of having that. it's too much. i hear "Sadie, you're strong. you're brave, you can do it." well, what if i don't want to be strong anymore. huh? what if i just want to be weak?

i guess i'm basically just saying, have you delt with this?

my favorite diabetes quote- "I used to ask my self 'Why me?', then i started asking 'Why not me?' " -Nick Jonas.

i know where you're coming from Sadie. ive hit that point many times. i usually tell myself "theres no choices here. just deal with it." lol then i go complain to either my friend Alyssa or Bee Jae. ive learned that when i cant be strong anymore, they will. my friends are the greatest support i have.

I agree totally with my friend Danny here. Come here when you get sick of it, tired of it, need a hug or a rant. (hugs)

Like Danny said it is not easy for me either. I am 15 I was/am a ´╗┐introvert and I think Diabetes just made it a little worse !!! We all get tired of it !! But it is what it is no matter how bad we dont like it it aint going away !

Sadie Mae, when I was a child then teen with T-1, I hid my disease from everyone. I didn't want to be preceived as "weak." I wasn't weak then and I am not weak now, but I allowed my mind to decide what other people would say and think. I was wrong. The diabetic police are everywhere, "can you eat that?" "don't you need to check your blood sugar?" "how can you inject or have that pump in you?", etc. Idiots! But consider that even most doctors do not understand diabetes how can the non-medical people begin to understand??? So...find your sense of humor and combat idiots with humor and see if that doesn't help. Because this aspect of the living with disease does not get better with age.

Do the best you can when you can and the heck to the rest of the world. Peace.