Tired of diabetes!

I do not like diabetes and every morning I wake up and get so mad that I have it. I was diagnose October 2010. I hate having this and having to change everything( how I eat, pricking my self, giving shots) I had 13 years of not having to deal with Diabetes and now I do. I am currently 14 and do not like when I go outside to play sports and I feel low so I have to go home and figure it out and my friends are still OUTSIDE having fun and i have to go in. Also how your sitting in a restraunt and everyones staring at you like why is he putting a needle in his arm! I HATE IT

Put what you think about having diabetes

I felt like that when i was first diagnosed last Feb, especially because I got pulled off a school trip to India which I had been looking forward to and saving up for for nearly 2 years! I don’t think anyone really likes having diabetes, but I guess you just learn to live with it and as long as you control it it won’t control you.

Yah I was pulled off a field trip this year to. And I know Just sometimes it gets me mad.

hmm why didnt u guys go to the field trips? i never didnt go because of diabetes… if anything, it actually helps you be even more independent

Ugh! Had to get that off my chest. I was diagnosed in Sept when I was 13 and now I’m 14 too! I havent been on a field trip yet, but they my school would never pull me out of one. At the end of this school year, I am going to the movies, a restaurant, a water park, an inflatable jump place, and a couple of other places. I would be soo pissed if they pulled me out of those. I have been working so hard to earn those with good grades all year. Not just good grades, but AWESOME grades. I have only made 2 B’s on my report cards this whole year! I have never stopped playing sports because I was low, but I have felt low and taken a five min break, but then I would just jump back in to whatever we were doing. Yeah , it gets VERY FRUSTRATING, but like Becki said you’re just gonna have to learn to live with it. It takes a lot of getting used to though. Have yall been having a lot of doc appointments since yall were diagnosed? I have. It seems like every little thing thats wrong with me I would have to go to the doctor. Not my endo, because she lives in a different town, but my regular family doc. Like if my toe hurts, or I have a little rash or fever, I would always have an appointment with my family doctor. Do yall go to a podiatrist? I recently started going, just to have ‘healthy’ feet. I also dont want to get those amputated(: I also go to the orthodontist, which I hate! I cant wait till I get these stupid braces off! I have had them for almost 2 years. I recently went to the eye doctor. I dont know, it just seems like I am always leaving from school early to go to the freakin doctor! AND tomorrow I am going tot he endo!!! Too many appointments!!! Lately I have been ‘splurging’ with my sugars. Eating a bite of candy or having a few swallows of soda here and there(:

I was diagnosed a week before i was meant to go and the first aider didn’t feel comfortable taking me. I was told it wasn’t because i’m diabetic but because i had been diagnoised so recently

I was diagnosed in early July 2003. I still hate it, but I’ve learned to live with it. And I dont EVER let it slow me down.

oh ok that makes sense :slight_smile: in the end actually its for your own good! and perhaps you can still use this money for something else that is fun!

I hated growing up with Diabetes (I was diagnosed at the age of 7, I am now 18), but have grown a thick skin because of it. I used to get stared at while injecting, but not have the little saying ‘they don’t have to stare, but i have to inject’, it helps me get through a lot. Little things like that help you get through it. I used to have the problem of playing a lot of sport too, but if you make sure you’re high enough before you go out then it stops you dropping low as quick!

I was diagnosed September 2010.i was 17. it’s hard. there are days when i dont want to deal with it. but i do anyway, because it’s life, my life. I focus on whats good. I have great friends that love me and that tell me how amazing i am. Im sure anyone who has type one and faces life anyway is amazing.

i have had diabetes all my life i am 19 years old now and i have been having diabetes since i was 15 months old!!! so i have never really known of a normal life without diabetes, i think as a kid it did not really bother me at all because i was not the one managing it my parents and school nurses were. but now i can say I HATE HAVING DIABETES! i started being independent and taking care of it myself once i hit middle school and its been out of control since then and it seems like it just gets worse. in middle school my 7th grade class took a trip to st.louis, missouri and they told me the only way i could go was if my mom went to…so i missed that trip and i thought that was sooo embarrasing. i also cannot stand having to explain diabetes and its affects and what not over and over again to new friends, family,etc. i also dislike how my family that think they know everything about it NAG AND NAG at me and say things that does not even pertain to diabetes and they try to tell me what to eat and what not to eat and its like DUDE! just shut up! and people staring at me when i have to take meds used to bother me but now i just ask them questions like hi. do you need something?..lol

Hey I was diagnosed in October 2010 too! But I go on all of my field trips, but one of them I regret! I went to Pali mountain for school and the doctors didn’t tell me about elevation affecting your bg so I had lows the whole entire time and they didn’t call my mom or anything. I am also gluten intolerant and I brought my own microwavable food and they told me where the microwave was and made me make my own food. That was an experience I hope I don’t have to experience again:(

I don’t let it stop me at all. I play club soccer and I’m never going to let it slow me down

ok.. first thing diabetes doesnt prevent you from doing stuff. I joined army cadets force, went on several camos, took part in some sport activities
Yes it is harder for all of us but please dont be soo harsh on yourself. I understand when you get angry, i do aswell. I still dont accept diabetes in my life.. there is nothin we can do but just accept it , control it best as we can and enjoy the life..