Tegaderm or IV3000? I use with medtronic minilink

Does everyone cover their sensors with a tape or dressing? I've been using the pump about a month and I've covered the sensor every time. I went to reorder the iv3000 (1 pack came with my transmitter) and found that my insurance doesn't cover it as it's a wound care product and doesn't fall under diabetic supplies. I've found it to be expensive to pay for out of pocket,, any cheaper solution?

I do use the iv3000 to cover the sensor and transmitter and pay for it myself. All I can say is that I wish Medicare would pay for the CGMS - they do NOT! It really helps with control of my diabetes because I got my A1c down from 7.0 to 6.2 using it and really feel lots better - more like a normal person!

But it is very expensive for us to pay for this - grrr; wish Medicare would understand. But the cost is probably what slows them down approving it, too!

At least my insurance covers the sensors,, Here I am complaining about the dressings and cannot imagine paying for the sensors out of pocket. I don't know how anyone could afford it,, I nearly had a heart attack after I got my pump and went online to medtronic's store and saw the cost of 10 sensors.

Great question. I'd been using two strips of regular J&J First Aid tape and have had problems with the sensor lasting a full three days, much less any more than that. I figured the IV3000 might do a better job holding it in place (otherwise, nothing really covers the part that goes in the skin) -- which it does. I've tried the IV3000 for my last 3 sensors, but I find that the pump "loses" the signal from the transmitter more often when it's completely covered. I'd love to find out what others are using.

I use tagaderm strips as well. I get a 5 pack for 5 to 6 dollars and have been averaging 5 days a sensor recently. Tagaderm is the cheepest and best solution I have found to date and would love other suggestions as well.

When I first started using the sensor I just stuck it on with 2 band aids and it worked OK. I could change a bandaid if it got loose/fell off, and it would allow more air to get to my skin which cut down on itching. The problems were I had a slight reaction to the band aid adhesive after a few days and the bandaids fell off a lot more than tagaderm.

I have trouble wearing the IV3000 because my skin gets very irritated after wearing it. I also have had trouble with it coming loose. I usually use the 3M micropore medical tape instead which doesn't seal off the sensor but keeps it from moving around which is what I have trouble with. I usually use one long piece the direction to cover the site and to hold the transmitter down and one short one in the other direction just too help keep the site still.

I think you can get the Tagaderm in a roll that you can cut, shop around online.

I have some unused Tagaderms, I just changed to the larger IV3000 because I had to double or triple up on the smaller ones.

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I am using the Nextcare/3M tegaderm film. I was able to find them online; 3 boxes of 8 for $29.

I’m using the IV3000 because my skin reacts horribly to lots of adhesives, even using barrier wipes, but not to this. If your skin isn’t particularly sensitive, there are quite a few similar dressings that cost considerably less. Did your insurance cover the CGM? If so, I would think they’d cover the dressing since it’s a necessity. Mine does without question. If you’re using a DME (durable medical equipment) supplier they have an incentive to work it out with your insurance company.

The DME company says it's not covered because it's considered a "wound care" product, not a diabetes product.

I HIGHLY recommend Opsite Flexifix. About $20 a year. I switched to it from Tagaderm.

Everything but Tegaderm HP makes my CGM insertion sites itch so much that I can hardly stand it.

Ditto Opsite Flexfix cheap, dependable, and predictable. Just plain works.

OP Site Flexifix is my tape of choice, too. My sensor and transmitter
stay put! The roll lasts a long time.