Temp Basal issue

Hi all I am getting a "requested temp basal is outside the pod's delivery range" message, I am running a bit high and wanted to change it 5% but it is not allowing me, never had this issue before. I don't really understand the message either. my sugar is 8.3 and I like it in the 5.4 range, my basal is set so it stays flat so if it is 8.3 it will stay like that. I was told that when my sugars run really high when my pain is there to use the temp 10% for 2 hours. but I can't seem to change it at all. could it be because it does not think I am high enough?

It's not that smart. I expect you've got a low max basal set. You can fix this by going into "Settings" and then into "System Setup". Select the "Bolus/basal/calcs" menu. The last item on the menu is "Max basal" check where yours is set. If it's at your current basal (or not much above it) then you can't increase the basal rate at all. Mine is way up at 15 so I can do whatever I need to (note, I NEVER actually increase to a basal of 15, that's the the max allowed). This will allow you to increase your basal somewhat on those days it just won't come down.

It was at 12 and had tried at 14. Did not work so messages the forum.

That is weird... just out of curiosity, would it let you change it by 10%? I'm wondering if 5% is just to small an increment for the pod to change by.

I tried the 10% first, did not work, changed the duration up and down, then I changed it to 5% and tried up and down again with duration, changed Max basal to 14 from 12, still no change. worked the other night when my sugars were above 10 so many it has something to do with that in some way. my sugar this morning was 8.3 wanted it more in the 5.3 range. did a correction fine for breakfast after trying to do the temp. so yeah it is strange to me. used temp before and never got that message.

There was a previous discussion about this problem here: http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/omnipodusers/forum/topics/temp-basal-outside-of-delivery-range I think we've tried everything they suggested but you might want to scan it in case there's anything we missed.

What is your Bolus Increment? My guess is, if it is set to 0.10, and you were trying to temp increase it by .05 as a result of the calculation, perhaps it’s calculated value is less than your minimum bolus increment. Perhaps try to change your temp bolus increment to .05, then do a tiny temp increase.

yes thanks Rebecca I had done a search and found that but did not help.

Rob, my increment is set to .05 and tried 5% did not work. however it did a correction to bring it down. I am baffled.

Ok so my max basal is set to 2.00u/hr which is what my morning basal settings. What is peoples max Basel rate set to?i am really confused as to what is going on. I can understand that Basel rate is at 2.00u/hr but is that not the duration it goes at? Not the how much?

My max basal is all the way up at 15. I never go above 3 (my normal highest is something like 1.3) but it gives me the whole spectrum to adjust. I don't want my pump programming dictating what I can and can not set my insulin levels to. I figure it'll let you increase it by 95% through the temp basal so your max basal setting should be at least twice your highest basal rate.

Thanks Rebecca.