Temp basal rates on Omnipod

I’ve been on the Omnipod for about 8 months now. I’m having a procedure done in a couple of weeks. My Dr told me to use the Temp basel rate but not
sure how to use it. Any recommendation will be helpful.

I suggest that you do a few rehearsal runs. Write things down so you can make some cause and effect conclusions. I’m assuming that your doctor’s advice for temp basal rates is in response to fasting for the surgery.

You have the luxury of time; use it to simulate your expected routine on surgery day. You could start, for example, with skipping breakfast _without cutting basal at all and see how that works. A well-set basal should allow skipping a meal without going low or high. You can use your surgery as an excuse to fine-tune your basal rates.

Gary Scheiner’s Integrated Diabetes Services has an effective protocol for formal basal rate testing. Check it out.

Good luck!

Thank you, she gave me a temp rate at 75% not sure if i decrease by 25%. I guess i should ask?

Check out your Omnipod Users’ Guide. It has a whole section on setting temporary basal rates.

Thank you.

Sorry, I don’t know the system Omnipod uses. And the wording can be confusing. Some pumps, for instance, when increasing a temp basal rate by 10% will use “+10%” while others will say “+110%.” If after reading the user guide and you still have questions, perhaps a call to Insulet customer service would get you the most accurate info.

Others here may be able to give you more descriptive instructions.

It’s pretty easy. Try it now with these simple steps. Just make sure you cancel the temp basal after you test it. :slight_smile:

You can have a preset temp basal, but the easiest steps are these:

First, make sure your Temp Basal is set for % instead of units per hour. (The percentage setting will maintain a higher or lower percentage as your basal changes from hour to hour, but units per hour will keep the same rate going no matter how your basal settings change from hour to hour.)

From the Home screen:
=> Settings
=> System setup
=> Bolus/basal/calcs
=> select “Temp basal”, and pick %


From the Home screen:
=> Temp Basal
=> [enter manually]
=> Decrease
=> hit the up arrow and select 25% LESS basal insulin
=> hit Enter
=> hit the up arrow and pick the length of time in half hour increments.
=> hit Enter

Good instructions, eh? :wink:

It’s that easy. Let me know if you have questions!


My temp basal rate screen looks a bit different than @Eric2

So, just in case - it may look like this.

That’s odd. What version of the PDM do you have? Are you in the U.S.?

I have a recent version with © 2015 on the ? screen and a lot of numbers of which the largest is 2.8.0. I do live in Canada so everything is in mmol/l.

Cool, you have the Canadian version! :slight_smile:


Thanks Eddie, It was really easy. Thanks alot everyone i really appreciate

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Yes that is important to know whether you are increasing or decreasing the basal. I am having a procedure done on Monday and if I have higher bg I will so a temp basal increase.

I’m pretty sure i’m decreasing the day before the procedure because i’m on
liquid diet and then on the day decreasing cuz i can’t have anything until
the procedure.

Ok…you can set how long the temp basal will last. You go to the status screen the select temp basal it will ask deccrese or increase select which on you want give the %and then for choose how long you want the basal to last for.

Best wishes on the procdure.