Temp bolusing

a D friend of mine and i were discussing how often we were getting lows when we were out and about. i thought the best solution was to always be armed w/ a bag of glucose tabs. she looked at me like i was crazy, and then explained to me about programming in a temporary basal rate for the anticipated time i would be walking around ( i live in Bklyn, NYC, and its a real walk-friendly place). i was shocked that i hadnt thought of this B4, but i realized that i only had used my temp basal for when i REALLY excersize, not simply walking around. well, heres a plug to all U pumpers:

temp basals are fantastic!!!! a real life-changer and have kept those pesky lows at bay.

Very cool. Excellent advice. Also, on the other side of the pendulum,, I fractured a fibula a couple weeks ago and had been having WAY too many BGs at 200 or above due to elevating foot in chair, icing, etc (temporary couch-potato behaviors) so, D'oh, was reminded by my diab. educator Sue to use temp. elevated basals for periods of inactive recoup and rest. It really helped.

glad to hear that something i put out there could help someone. sorry about your couch potato situation. hope you feel better. i am currently recovering from dental surgury and am on heavy-duty anti-biotics, which are really dragging me down, and i am using the temp basal with great success. pretty cool having a pump, or as i like to refer to it as " an exterior pancreas."

Daisy Mae , will you be able to join the Video Chat on Pumping Insulin this afternoon ??

darn it. i just got your invite. i am still so new to this TuDiabetes thing that i dont know how to navegate my way around from blogs to forums to chat rooms. any help will be very appreciated.