Terrible Customer Service from Dexcom Sales


My godfather! Their tech support has deteriorated to the point of non-existence.
Called today and get the recording that they “will call back within a few hours” , if you can’t wait for that indeterminate response there is the option of holding. So, I held for 12 minutes, until they cut the call and sent me to their “customer survey”. At this point, you gotta be kidding me? What kind of survey responses do you think I gave them???
I fully understand the need to be competitive, and profitable but; no service usually results in no customers.
Anyone else have this same situation?


It is possible that they are not using the right CPT codes (DexCom should know this but who knows). The CPT codes for DexCom for Medicare/MedAdvantage patients are K0554 (Receiver) and/or K0553 (Sensors) (I’m not sure why there is no CPT code for the transmitter).
If it is a commercial insurance (or a MedAdvantage plan that has chosen to accept “A” codes) then the CPT codes would be: A9276 (Sensors); A9278 (Receiver); A9277 (Transmitter)


Dexcom has become a customer service disaster. My situation is even worse (see my “Dumpster Fire” post).


Yeah, yeah, and my wife just got thru in 4 minutes to a tech, and then a few seconds to the orders department. the other day, we both got thru to the orders department in a few seconds…


Sounds like you described my issues to a T. I am always running out of sensors and transmitters. I really wish there was another way but for medicare patients I think Dexcom is a sole source. Thanks and good luck . Let us know if you somehow find a key to getting what you need.



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For some Medicare patients Dexcom direct is the sole source and for others not. Dexcom has been expanding 3rd party dealer/distributors and shifting patients to 3rd parties where able. It is based on your location. I recently had my April monthly order messed up by Manila CS where they broke up the order into 2 shipments, 1 for sensors and 1 for test strips. I got my sensors and called Dexcom direct to find out where the test strips were and they told me it looked like a duplicate order when they shipped out the sensors so second package was cancelled. They immediately placed an emergency order for test strips I should receive Monday. What was interesting was that the call to trace this issue was taken by the Arizona sales staff, not Manila so Dexcom is still using multiple facilities to handle their sales calls.


Not so. Depends on the region you live in. Where I live, I can get my supplies directly from both Medtronic and Dexcom. And it works for me.


Since Dexcom has been so backed up with request of the CGM and high demand from doctors office for their patients. They are now using companies like Quantum Medical to supply the product for patients. Quantum will provide the product and re orders for sensors. Verify your insurance first and have great reps to help out. Phone number is 1-855-412-8046