Test strip control solution and making notes on glucose readings in CareLink

1st question:

I just downloaded the data from my pump for the 1st time to using the CareLink. I like all the graphs and stuff, but was wondering if there was a way to make a note next to a certain blood glucose reading?? I know in the journal entry you can enter carb grams and a description, but couldn’t figure out anything for the BG?

2nd question:

The reason I’m asking about the notes from the fingersticks is this: After lunch, I used my last strip in the vial and got a slightly high reading (131). Opened a new vial, changed the code on the meter (UltraLink) and tested again. Got a 99. Tested again, got a 62!!! Used the control solution, with a 111. Tested again, got a 121 and again, 117. I figured its problem was worked out with the 2 close readings. By the way, I tested the UltraLink against blood glucose level labwork last week, it was accurate.

Are you supposed to use the control solution every time you change to a vial with a new code?

I’d like to mark those readings as an error, but the UltraLink won’t let me, nor will the CareLink software.

Experience, anyone?


Sorry, can’t answer your question about CareLink.

I never use the control solution & don’t think many people do. I used to & always had it fall between the range, but became disgusted about wasting a strip. I wonder if this a way to get us to use even more strips:)

I have gotten old strips before that were inaccurate & now I check expiration date. With a margin of error of ±20 pts our meters aren’t accurate to begin with.