UltraLink Meter + Continuous Glucose Monitor = Trouble?

I am restarting my insulin pump therapy (after 5 years on and 1 year off). I will be using the Medtronic continuous glucose monitoring system for the first time starting next week. I was told by the diabetes educator/pump trainer at my doctor’s office that I will not be able to use my UltraLink meter AND my Medtronic continuous glucose monitor because their signals will interfere with each other when sending information to the pump. Does anyone currently use a Medtronic CGM, Pump, AND UltraLink Meter? If so, any thoughts?

You can still use the meter, however, you must turn the function off on your pump so it will not receive the meter readings automatically. If you forget to turn it off, every time you test will be considered a calibration.

Mommy and the monkeys :slight_smile: - Thanks for your reply! I currently use the OneTouch Ultra 2. I guess I should just continue using my current meter since the link to the pump seems to be the only difference. (I’m a little disappointed. I was really excited about the UltraLink.) Thanks again!

Give your UltraLink meter away, or only use it for the three times per day when you are calibrating. When you use the MM CGMS (which I have had for two years, and love) you must only calibrate your CGMS three times per day, at times when your BG is neither rising nor falling. If you calibrate it more than 3 times daily, or calibrate anytime your BG is swinging, it ruins the accuracy of your CGMS. I personally like the Freestyle Lite meter. It requires no coding, and the strips use less blood than the One Touch strips do. See if your insurance will cover them!

June- Thanks for your reply! The information that you provided was very helpful! I’m looking forward to starting on the CGMS! I’m glad to hear that you love it! I’m hoping that it will help my A1C fall!

I second the recommendation to “toss” the meter. I am currently using the bayer contour usb meter instead of the One Touch. :slight_smile: