Test Strips Expiring-Donation?

Hey everyone, I am lucky enough to have an employer with excellent insurance. When I was first diagnosed, before I was able to obtain a Dexcom, I had the doctor write me a script of testing 6 times a day, which I did use completely. Now that I have had the Dexcom I haven't been testing as much. I haven't realized the surplus of test strips I have accumulated (Freestyle Lite). I have a few hundred that are going to be expiring next month, and I just received a new shipment of my next 90 days.

First, how long will these work reasonably well after the expiration date?

Second, is there a place (hospital, clinic, etc.) that I can donate these to legally? I do not want to do anything illegal, just don't want to throw them away.

Lastly, I feel a little "unethical" about not changing my script of 6 times per day when I probably test now 3 to 4 times per day. I am a college football coach, therefore my place of employment will change often (they say there are two types of football coaches, those who have been fired and who will be fired). I am afraid of changing my script because what if somewhere my "new" insurance doesn't pay for the Dexcom? I guess I could always get my endo to change the script again. I just feel like somehow I am doing an injustice to those who aren't as fortunate to have good insurance, but then on the other hand it's not like there is a test strip shortage, so me changing my script isn't helping those in need either. I guess I just don't want to take advantage of the system (although many times we see the system take advantage of the us).

Anyone have any experience with a similar situation?

Insulin for life will be happy to receive your strips.
interview with them:

6 test strips per day isn't that many, I wouldn't change my rx because for all you know you may need to test more in the future or have days where you do need 6 or more- diabetes isn't a static unchanging condition. So just donate whatever you're not going to use for whatever reason to the place SC suggested. I'm not sure about how long they last after expiration but most drugs and other things do last a long time after expiration, there have been studies done proving this I believe.

There are organizations that will accept donations of unexpired, unopened supplies of this kind. One of the more prominent is Insulin For Life.