Test Strips

Hi all

I was wondering how many test strips your doc writes for and if your insurance pays for it. I have Medco prescription coverage. Now that I am back in the U.S. I went to see my doctor and let him know that as a LADA I am using a minimum of 8 strips a day. He was fine for that but was unsure if my insurance would pay for it. He wrote my 90 day prescription for 600 and when I pointed out that eight a day would be 720 and that is the minimum number I used he said that he thought even the 600 would be pushing it with the insurance, and they would probably turn it down.

Surprise! Yesterday in the mail 600 test strips arrived. (for which I was charged $25) Wow! In Guatemala I had to pay $39 for 50 strips and alternated these with the 100 at a shot my doctor had previously ordered on mail away. What a great feeling, to finally have a plentitude of test strips! But I’m aware it’s still not as many as I actually use. So how many do you get covered? Anyone with Medco?

Under the Hungarian National Health care, I am covered for 5 strips a day.

But the price of test strips here is about 30 cents for a strip, if bought without government support. So I just buy the rest if I use more than 5 a day.

I know that some people in the USA have been approved for 10+ a day and got it covered. So I would push for more!

My last couple of insurances have given me 4 boxes (of 100 strips) a month. I think that’s the most any insurance will cover. That works out to, what, 13 a day? Which is pretty good.

I know! I really hope the government getting involved will make it so I don’t have to worry so much about the cost of strips and CGMs and other things. It obviously can’t get worse.

300 per month and a $10 copay.
I feel blessed, even though my insurance payment is steep.

I’ve battled with my doctor and the insurance company to be able to test 5 times a day. My doctor thought I should only be testing once a day because I am a T2. The best I’ve been able to do is get them to allow 3 x a day, and that’s only because my doctor put me on insulin.

Sounds like my doc was overly conservative about what he thought the insurance would cover. I think I’ll just go back early and ask for a higher number rather than pay the ridiculous prices to supplement my strips over the counter. Still…receiving 600 tests strips all at once felt pretty darn exciting!

I guess I should feel doubly blessed, Laura, since I don’t pay any premiums for my insurance! I worked in an industry that didn’t pay very high, but despite that (or maybe because of that!) I’ve neverhad to contribute to insurance premiums! I worked for a rural county in Northern California for five years in order to get retirement benefits including free insurance for the rest of my life! One thing about moving back to the U.S. is I will have to register for medicare even though my insurance is much better. I didn’t care too much because I know that after medicare coverage will revert to my better insurance, but I was just told that I actually will have to pay $250 a month for medicare!! Pay!! For something I don’t want or need? Grrrrr

Thanks, Spooky! I will let my doctor know when I go back to see him so he can write for more.

We’re self employed.
The best HMO plan which I used to have, is now up to $1000 per month for two of us.
I had to cut myself and hubby down to a lesser plan for $729, with higher copays.
But I still get pump supplies free and pretty good coverage for meds.
I’m happy to be able to afford that plan, even though it isnt the greatest plan.