Testing basal rates

I have been testing my basal rates for the past few days.I have been following my teams instructions which are start basal test within 4 hours of last bolus and when my levels are stable and there is little or no exercise.I was also told that I can eat protien or fat and not bolus… for example for breakast I can have eggs and bacon and not give a bolus.However my basal has increased over the last few days and I am just questioning is this because I am having to give more insulin in the form of basal to cover this protien?I feel I should be doing these basal tests while fasting…how do ye do it?What advice have ye been given?

Yes, you should be fasting. Many of us here bolus for protein and fat. If you want to do proper basal testing, you want to wait 4 hours (not within 4) after your last bolus or food. Your last meal should not be something that is going to be slow digesting (like protein) that won’t be out of your system when you start the test. You also don’t want to drink stuff like coffee, tea or even soda that can raise your BS - best to stick to water. John Walsh has more detailed instructions in Using Insulin and Gary Scheiner also has instructions - they both say no food!

Here is a short description by Gary Scheiner


Thank you or your reply and the helpful link!

You say you’ve been doing this for several days… I don’t think it’s reasonable to fast for several days.

As to proteins and fats etc., certainly one way of accounting for them is an increased basal, but that’s certainly not the optimal way. You might want to check out “Total Available Glucose” for a better approach or (if we’re talking about a pump here) the various extended bolus cycles available on it.

Thank you for your reply Tim…I would not fast for more than 1 time block at a time…I was just wondering if I am accuratley testing and making changes to my basal by eating protien and fats rather than fasting!I just question this as my basal rates are high at the moment…I take 42units of novarapid over a 24 hour period just for my basal!!