Testing is so important for type 2's

And the reason I say that is because after I had a biscuit with egg and cheese and teaspoon of jelly this morning I was offered a Krispy Kreme donut. I didn't take one right away but about 9:30 I gave in. Well 20 min later I decided ok I'll just test to see what that thing did to me. Well I was 225 which is only 25 points less than when I was dxd!
I have a very hard time saying no to sweets and testing helps me to say "NO". Testing also helps push me towards exercise i.e. walking or something. BECAUSE I just got back from a 10 minute walk and I've already dropped 25 points.
Testing is a GOOD THING to make type 2's AWARE of the damage we're doing to our bodies everytime we give in to sweets or put off going for a walk. Atleast it helps "me" get back on track if only til lunchtime!!!!
Sugarbaby (struggling for 7 years now)

Thankyou:) Struggling for 3 years on my own and finally saw a dr this week.
I “know” what to do on my own… just want
doc’s help to keep hubby happy and me be able to live peacefully.