Testing times 2

0ur car is 14 years old Peaguet 306 gift from out eldest son 6 years ago, being 14 years old we expect a few problems from time to time like me the older, the older you get more of your parts get worn out that’s life but not as we know it Jim, the wife took me out yesterday this is the first time in weeks I have felt well enought to venture out a bad cold/flu really knocked the stuffing out of me so we thought a bit of fresh air would do me good.

I managed to hoble around the Telford shopping centre only having to use my pump spray twice lots of sit downs while sheila went and did a bit of shopping, on the way back we stopped off at the local shop and sheila paid a bill as you do, when I tried to sart the car the engine would not turn over lights worked radio fine wipers fine in the end we had to call out the breakdown service they arrived 1 hour 15 minutes later but on average they get to you in 40 minutes as the advert sayes no green flag for them then.

The mechanic got a crow bar hit the started motor and the engine turned over is it a good thing to hit anything like this, if the car starts tomorrow the wife will take it into the garage Oak Autos for him to check and sort out, not moaning these things happen but lately they seem to be happening to us a lot, so here is a short prayer for sunday

Dear Lord i hope you are having a quite day and your day turns out to be plentiful could you please bless our car as we really cannot afford more bills at this moment, I know a car is a luxuary which we did without for 20 years but we are both over 60 now creaking in places we never thought we had so getting about is not as simple as it use to be.

I have emptied my piggy bank counted all my coppers so could you please make our car last a little longer thank you.