White as snow

When I was young many many Moons ago winters use to be really hard like the one just before I was born in 1947 my grandad told me some years later the snow came half way up the back door, way back then things were a bit different no supermarkets not too many cars not that they could go anywhere.

Grandad said all the neighbours pulled together and helped one another with coal, wood and food no central heating in those days he said it was touch and go for many families, the second world war was just over and things were short to begin with, that set me thinking where has it all gone wrong I know very few of my neighbours and we have lived here for over 30 years we would certainly not go out and leave our doors or windows open, I can remember growing up in the 50s and our back door was never locked and mom and dad knew everyone living in our street.

I often think how did we get into this mess and to be honest I have no idea last night we did a bit of shopping in our local Asda and folks were pushing me out of the way to get get to stuff on the shelves not an excuse me or do you mind nothing at all, no wonder some folks loose there cool and supermarket rage breaks out, why is everyone in such a rush is the world ending.

I have the habbit of opening doors if a female wants to come in but seldon do any of then say thank you, not that I am looking for praise but just common decency one human being to another, at times it makes you so cynical but it is a habbit drummed into me by my parents, yesterday I travelled on a bus to our local centre the bus was full of school kids no empty seats did one of them offer me there seat of course not they were far too busy litening to music talking on there phones ot just fooling about in my days I would have given up my seat but I guess it never crossed there minds.

Driving home last night the driver infront of us flicked a lighted fag end out of his window I remember someone doing that a few years back the butt came into the car and set fire to our back seat every time I see a driver do that I want to get a bazooka and blow him and his car to kingdom come, life should not be like this should it.

Why is there no sign of respect anymore for folks or property where will it all end, I do have a theory we have done so much harm to this planet that mother nature does what it has always best sorts it out for herself making us more violent towards each other that eventually the human race as a species will cease to exsist.