Thailand trip

hey im goin on a holiday day to thailand in a couple on weeks and wanted to see if any one has had any trouble traveling with a pump ??? and if any one has any tips for me thanks heaps

I travel with my pump all the time! No problems.

I always bring twice as many supplies as I need and I put half of it in my carry on and half in my checked bag, but I keep all insulin with me (in a FRIO wallet-- if you don’t have one, I highly recommend!!). You don’t know the temperature that your checked bag will be at. So it’s better to keep the insulin with you. If you are traveling with someone else, then you can put some in your bag and some in theirs. I always divide up the supplies in case I lose a bag, then I won’t be without anything.

Another tip that I got is when you wear your pump through the metal detector, if it is near the center of your body, it’s less likely to set off the alarm. I always show then the pump and then tuck it in the center of my back and walk through the metal detector. I have a Minimed pump as well and it doesn’t even go off.

Also, you may want to bring a vial of long acting insulin (e.g. Levemir, Lantus) in case you experience pump failure. I don’t usually do this (because it’s too expensive). But I have heard others that do. I just bring syringes so that I can inject Humalog every 3 hours if my pump failed.

Enjoy your trip! Being prepared makes sure that you won’t miss out!

If your pump is under warranty check with the company and see if they will give you a vacation loaner to take as a backup. Animas offers this at no charge and it takes the worry of pump failure away. Also make sure you have extra strips and infusion sets on you at all times. If you pack that stuff in your checked bag and the bag gets lost, no more fun vacation.