What pump supplies do you keep on hand?

Hi all -

So, I’m thinking about going on a pump/pod/magical insulin delivery device. I was hoping that some of you veterans could let me know what kind of supplies you keep on hand with you just in case of set failure or catastrophic pump death. I’ve got all my pens, needles, meter, and strips down to one ehh-sized cosmetic bag - not too big a burden on the purse, but a definite reminder that I have to take a purse everywhere.

Anyway, I’d love to know your experiences with toting around the pump supplies and when you decide to be a rebel and leave home without them.

Thanks in advance for any input! This site has made my pump search so much more informed and even easier. I’m afraid to tell my MD that my pump homework was so effortless.

In my experience it all really depends on how far I will be traveling from home. Generally, I just carry the pump and my meter, but its probably not a bad idea to add a syringe to that pack. In a pinch, at least with my pump, I’ve been able to draw insulin out of my pump infusion set for injection with a regular syringe. Not ideal, but it works.

A lot of people say they carry extra infusion sets, etc. but I figure if I am within 30min - 1 hour of my home, I really don’t need all that. Now traveling, I’ve got a whole bag just for that…

If I’m going any distance – which I usually am, because I can’t drive and hence am usually an hour or more away from home by public transit when I go out – I bring a cosmetic bag containing:

Infusion set, tubing, cartridge, extra pump parts (extra battery, cartridge cap, etc.)
Alcohol swabs, lancets
Insulin pen with insulin in it, pen needles
Precision Xtra meter and ketone test strips

Plus other non-diabetes related stuff like Tylenol, allergy medication, Benadryl for food allergies, etc. It really doesn’t take up that much space.

I carry my bg meter and I have an extra infusion set in the car. I can manually insert if needed. Other than that I carry nothing else with me. If am going away I bring insulin but I do not carry it around as the chances of needing it are very slim.

I carry an extra infusion set (or two) in my work bag, but generally don’t carry extra pump supplies unless I’m going where I can’t get home easily. I do alway carry my bg monitor. If I’m traveling I carry WAY more pump supplies than I need - just in case.

I carry my meter that has my insulin & 1 needle in it along w/ a sandwich type baggie that holds alcohol swabs, bandaids, 1 infusion set and 1 reservoir, and my insertion device. I didn’t do that for a long time, but after a couple of ripped out infusion set I got smart. :slight_smile:

The only thing I carry is spare batteries. I generally don’t bring any pump supplies with me unless I’m travelling overnight or I’m more than 12 hours from home. I carry a novopen in the event of pump failure, but I’ve never had to use it.

I like David’s idea of keeping an infusion set in the car, though.

Terry, I’ve always wanted to ask someone who carries an extra novopen…

If you never use it, how long does it take before it expires? Do you end up just throwing it out and refilling the script every couple of months or weeks?

Tim, there’s an expiration date on the pen and I toss it right after and refill the script.

Frankly, though, I’m considering scrapping this systems since I’m rarely so far from home that I can’t go without my pump for a few hours if it fails. At first it seemed like a good idea but now it’s looking like a waste of money.