Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

I had a good day yesterday. I splurged and had a piece of cake, but was good the rest of the day. Numbers are looking good for the most part. I am finding new things that I can no longer eat, which is a bummer. Anyone know what is in fish tacos that would set off my BS??? Any way things are looking better for me to have my knee surgery next month and then get mobile again.
Have a great week!


Fish Tacos!!! Criminy…is nothing sacred!! You might want to ask the restaurant/eatery for a nutritional guide. That might shed a little light! Other than that…I’m guessing the sauce!! (The Taco shell may also have a substantial amount of carbs!)

calorie king has an entry for fish tacos (under “Fair” Food) that says 31 gm carb each. It would be the tortilla, the fried fish, and perhaps the sauce.oh, gosh, they can be soooo good.