It's soooo hot!

today was a lovely day. the grandkiddies and i went swimming in the pool. i bought a blow-up floaty seat for the baby. will have to get some photos of the fun on here!

after dinner, we decided to go out and do some errands. then we decided that the DQ sign was calling to us!

did you know that there are only 45gr of carb in a Buster Bar??

good for you Kim. I had a dietician that would tell me to always look at food positve. She would tell me about when I had a craving to just do the math and not over indulge. Moderation in everything. She was a T1 as well and hated diet drinks so she told me that for every 12 oz coke she drank she needed a certain amount of insulin as a bolus and not to drink a 12 pack in a single day.

i think the last time i went to DQ was probably 2-3years ago! i really enjoyed my Buster Bar and the bolus was worth it!! LOL!!!