Thank you

You all here provide some really great information, and I’ve found it a HUGE help as I transition from my Navigator to the Dexcom.

I appreciate all of you, and all of the information you so openly share with everybody. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Whoohoo! I agree. People here are so helpful, supportive and ready with answers whenever you have a question! I hope DexCom is working out well for you Scott. And thanks to you for always being so positive and encouraging!


My son Jesse is off to college… wearing his new dexcom… His Nav died right before the summer and I was a wreck… We were able to get my ins company to cover the dex ( before we had to drop them due to their increasimng our premium from $1,000 to $2700 per month… but thats another story…).
We also found so much support here as Jesse made the transition…
just reading back on all the older emails gave us so many tips…
and now that he’s 8 hrs away, I hope I’ll worry less…